Bling out that Transmitter, by Yeah Racing and rcMart

Did you ever want to personalize your transmitter by making it stand out or do you have a broken steering wheel on your old transmitter? Here is a way to achieve this from rcMart with the Yeah Racing replacement steering wheels.


 Before you set out to change your steering wheel on your transmitter. You will need to make sure you order the correct wheel for your type of transmitter, currently about $10.99. They come in  different colors and spoke patterns. Check here for the link to the different styles and colors.


 I have an older Spektrum radio I am using here in the review. You will need to find the screw to remove the wheel. On the Spektrum the screw is located under the black cover in the center of the wheel. Other radio’s may have different ways to remove your steering wheel, please check your instructions to prevent damaging it. On the spektrum Radio a sharp object will help to remove the cover.


Once the cover is removed you will be able to access the screw. Simply remove the  screw.


The wheel will lift right off.


Remove the parts out of the bags making sure you pick the correct adaptor for your radio style.


Now place the adaptor on the radio. Make sure to line up the adaptor. Also, I do place a little blue thread lock on the main screw to prevent the screw from loosening up.


You can use an extra little bling by purchasing the disc brake piece. At $2.99 it is an inexpensive addition.


 Add the steering wheel over the disc brake by setting right on top. They will lock together.


Screw down the 5 cap screws with the included allen wrench.


Now you have an updated radio with a cool looking steering wheel. This is also a great option if you have a broken factory steering wheel. One note I have to mention the wheel is a little smaller than the factory one on the Spektrum radio. Below are more examples of the different styles and colors.



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