Temp your Motors with Yeah Racings Infrared Thermometer

Ever wonder what you motor temps are? Yeah Racing offers a nice little temp gauge at a great price. Check out www.rcMart.com for current price.It is always important to find out the temps of your motor after every run and even more important when you change your timing or gearing. While your motor can get to extreme temps even on hot summer days alone. A lot of factors can result in a burned up motor. The cost of this thermometer is a lot less $$$ than a new motor. Yes, it is just as important to temp your motors if you are just backyard bashing too, it is not just for racers.


The infrared thermometer comes packaged in a nice and safe little blister pack and includes instructions for use.


I personally like the size of the Temp gauge,  as it is a little smaller than most and has a nice shape to fit in your hand as well.


The instructions are fairly simple to understand and read. This unit does not come with a lazar pointer, but however it does come with a light that will light up the area you are luminating.


I do prefer the two triple AAA batteries that this uses.  The batteries are just easier to find at stores and most people have them laying around the house.


Above is an example of another brand of temp gauge. As you can see on the right, the Yeah Racing temp gauge is smaller, but also has a larger display.


The Above image shows the other temp gauge with the lazar pointer and temp reading.


As you can see in this image with the Yeah Racing temp gauge, you have a light that will help you see what you are looking at. Although it doesn’t have the lazar pointer to point the exact location, it does light up the whole space. In my opinion you will always move the gauge around the motor to find the hottest spot anyway. Plus, the real bonus is the lighted display which comes in handy if you race outdoors at night or just like the easier to read display. One note to make, both temp gauges showed different readings. I also found this is common and you could have a few degree variance. Which is why all motors should stay well within the motor manufactures recommendation for temps.


The Thermometer from Yeah Racing is a great little tool to help keep your RC vehicle running safe for a long time and at a cost of only $14.90 a www.rcMart.com you can’t go wrong. It is a lot cheaper than a new motor!

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