Our friends over at SuperShafty are giving away one of their infamous BOMB PROOF transmissions ($240 value). HERE is the link to the Giveaway.

You DO have to be a Star-holding member over on RCCrawler to qualify ($20/yr membership).. but that does also give you a ton of other perks over there (like access to my favorite Buy/Sell/Trade forum). They have other giveaways all the time too. I know we have at least some crawling enthusiast viewers, so thought this would be worth sharing! We support other sites, and as far as crawling/scaling goes.. there is no better than



Here are the details from that post:

Thanks to your support, we have had a GREAT Year!
We have also had to Redo our website to
accommodate your orders & our growing inventory.
In appreciation, we are giving away one of our
Brand New “BOMB PROOF” transmissions
in your choice of “VP” colors……….($240. Value)

Whats Included:
VP Aluminum Cases (Choice of color)
Hot Racing Hardened Steal Gears
Our custom “BEEFY” Top Shaft
Robinson Racing 32P 56T Steal Slipper
Our “BEEFY” Extended 6mm Chrom Moly Outputs

You will be entered to win ONLY if you follow these 3 rules

#1: Register for free on our site here: REGISTER Use Real E-Mail Please
#2: You must be a STAR holder (Support RCCrawler)
#3: BUMP this thread…… (once only)

Giveaway ends at 6:00PM est. OCT 31st 2012
Winner will be picked using a “Random Number Generator”
Winner will be contacted using their SuperShafty Registration E-Mail
And then announced here in this thread

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