RC Pro Series NE Round 1 @ CRC Raceway Coverage

This past week (June 8-9, 2013) the RC Pro Series made it’s Northeast Division Round 1 stop at our local track, CRC Raceway in Rome, NY. This was the first of 2 Pro Series races CRC is hosting in 2013.

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What is the RC Pro Series?

RC Pro is dedicated to promoting remote control vehicle racing across the United States and Canada. Going into our 11th year, the name RC Pro has become synonymous with “grass roots” racing.  We welcome racers from the novice beginner to traveling professionals and our race program provides a level playing field for all by incorporating classes for different levels of competition.  Our mission is to provide a safe, fun and professional environment where people can enjoy family and friends.

Classes were divided into the nationally run Pro Series classes, and the local club level classes. CRC runs this as their own trophy race in addition to it being a Pro Series event. It tends to draw out some of the more well known drivers in the Northeast. Billy Fischer made the trek from Arizona once again to give everyone a schooling. Canadians Jerome Treignier, and the Sousa family also made it down. Then of course the local pros in the house like Frank Calandra Jr., Mark Calandra, Tom Firsching, John Firsching, Brian Wynn, and more.

Pro Series classes:
1/8 Nitro Buggy and Truggy
1/8 E-Buggy
1/10 4WD Short Course

CRC club classes:
1/8 E-Truggy
1/10 2WD Short Course 13.5
1/10 2WD Short Course Open
1/10 2WD Stadium Truck

So this year, much like last year, there was a good deal of moisture on the track. This year it rained so much on Friday they actually cancelled practice. The race was originally intended to run with Practice all day Friday and Heat 1 starting early.. 9AM on Saturday, then running 4 rounds of Qualifying with Mains on Sunday. Well, we had so much rain on Friday they didn’t want anyone on the track until at least noon on Sat. They then opened the track to anyone brave enough to get their car muddy to help run in the track. The sun wasn’t out, and it wasn’t very windy so we didn’t get much aid from Mother Nature to help us dry the track out. We ended up starting around 1PM with the first round of qualifying. I keep saying you’d be the best weatherman ever if you call for rain around CRC Pro Series weekend. They always get the race in though. They have lights and are in an industrial district and can run all night.

We didn’t head out until early Saturday morning. CRC is only an hour from us. Friday was a washout, so it wasn’t worth taking the day off to not be able to run. We got there pretty much right @ 8AM when doors opened and parked the ol’ Canalside Racing Products race trailer (Jarodd’s Pro Shop business). We got our area set up and then found stuff to work on until it was time for the drivers meeting.


We were nice enough to let Geo and Solly pit with us :). There’s only room for 2 in the trailer, so they set up their popup out front.

1 pits

Geo took this picture.. apparently he doesn’t know how to set the date stamp on his camera lol

So finally it was drivers meeting time and Frank gave everyone the heads up that we were still going to try for 4 rounds of qualifying. It was going to be a late night. R/C racers are hardcore though, right.. no problem!


Drivers look on as they are told the rules, how the show will run, etc.

driver-meeting2 driver-meeting3

It was pretty overcast most of the day and it was pouring rain just 30 minutes away for portions of the day. It managed to stay away from CRC all weekend while we were running though.


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