RC Soup Holiday Gift Guide: Tools

Every R/C’er needs tools for general maintenance, full-on repairs, or building a kit from scratch. This portion of our guide covers the basics of some of the tools needed to get the job done. They range from small “must haves” to the premium goodies only the most dedicated r/c enthusiast lusts after. These are our top picks, organized by budget.

Economy Gifts

TLR99102-250TLR Turnbuckle Wrench ($7.99) – This hard-anodized turnbuckle wrench services 3.5mm, 4mm and 5mm diameter turnbuckles. Lightweight, but durable this wrench is a essential part of every racer’s toolbox. This is a staple of most of Team Soup’s tool boxes.



Duratrax FlashPoint Temperature Gauge ($20-40) – Whether you run nitro or electric, temperature monitoring is important so that you do not overheat your motor/engine. You can get just about any gauge and have it work, for instance your local Radio Shack probably has one or two. I’m recommending the Duratrax because of how popular it is, and it’s cheap. This is available in probably every hobbyshop across the US.



Digital Calipers ($20-??) – A pair of digital calipers are handy to get accurate measurements of things like turnbuckles, hinge pins, shock shafts, etc. Perhaps you bent one and don’t know what size you need to reorder. There are a number of other things you might need them for in the r/c hobby. I only own a cheap pair, and they are accurate enough for what I need. The sky is the limit though, and uber-precise machinist level ones could run you a small fortune. Assuming you only use it occasionally like I do, a basic set is enough to get you by.


MaxAmps Jigs Up Soldering Jig ($29) – Soldering is one of those tasks in r/c that can be a real chore if you do not have the right tools. While not entirely a MUST HAVE ite, a soldering jig like the one from MaxAmps can really make the task of soldering more enjoyable.

Middle-of-the-Road Gifts

mip-part-9502MIP Hex Driver Wrench Sets (available in Metric & SAE)- ($42-$56) – MIP tools are not the cheapest ones out there, but they are what a number of the pros use and for good reason. These tools will last a lifetime and are made with the highest quality materials. The polycarbonate hand grips have huge ridges on them to allow you to really crank down on your screws. The precision cut tips have zero slop and won’t round our your hex screws like cheaper tools. After using these, I will never go back to the cheaper tools.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAssociated Factory Team Nut Driver Set ($59.99) – Just as important and handy as hex drivers, nut drivers are essential tools for wrenching on your r/c’s. Ditch the little 4 way wrench for a nice set of nut drivers and you will thank yourself later. The Associated kit includes most of the common sizes used.

Setup-Buggy-580x580DE Racing Setup Wheels ($50ish for 2 pairs of wheels and adapters) – If you are a racer then you know how important proper vehicle setup can be to having a good working car on the track. The DE Racing system is much cheaper than those setup stations with all the gauges and pretty accurate. We definitely want this system in our pit box this coming holiday season.


Bottomless Budget Gifts



TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station ($79.99) – The TrakPower TK-950 soldering station is one of the top of the line soldering irons available in the r/c market. Sure, there are more expensive ones out there… but this is a great all around iron that heats up fast, and has enough heat to melt even the most stubborn solder connections. You will not regret having a good soldering tool by your side when you need it. It makes all the difference – Just ask Matt sometime.

r36938v15Dremel 8220 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool ($99) – Whether its prepping tires, cutting/sanding bodies, polishing, grinding, or trimming r/c parts a quality Dremel tool is something that every r/c enthusiast should own. I myself prefer the cordless option. It takes up less room in the pit box but you do sacrifice a bit of power, and then again you have the drawback of dealing with battery life. The increased maneuverability makes it worth it for me.


Grex GCK01 Combo Kit with Genesis.XT Airbrush and AC1810-A Air Compressor ($380) – This kit is basically everything you need to get started in airbrushing. It includes their small compressor and their intuitive Genesis.XT airbrush. While we don’t have experience with these personally, we did play with them a little when we went to iHobby and they seemed easy enough to use. I would like to pick one of these up someday.


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