The Inside Soup with Brian Parker of Recon G6

I was given the opportunity to chat with Brian Parker, or Parker, the founder and front man of the RECON G6. Parker took time from his busy day to give RC Soup, The Inside Soup…

What is recon G6?
“It’s a lifestyle, I describe it as the number 1 scale radio control adventure event on the planet. It’s pure fun. Truthfully it’s hard to put words. You have to experience it in order to truly understand it. I have been told by many people that as adults you can forget how to play, RECON G6 can bring that back. In order to truly understand it you just have to do it”

What’s a day for Brian Parker involve?
“Haha dude! Little sleep, first I have my meeting with Chuck Norris (total gym) and then a mountain bike ride, I spend time with my 135lb Akita, but for the most part nonstop rc on the mind, thinking about the next event, or better yet the next three events ahead! How can I put smiles on drivers faces. Of course spend time driving my RC’s.”

How did you come up with the concept of recon G6?
“I’m a competitor by nature, it’s in my blood, I was a BMX freestyler, and mountain bike racer back in the day. I wanted something different than the 2.2 pro comp crawling scene. A friend brought over his scale Honcho, and  I drove it until the battery died. I was hooked! I wanted to find out how they compete with these scale vehicles, so I looked into SORRCA which is geared to the elite scale driver. It wasn’t my scene. The Camel Trophy events inspired me, because competitors had to complete challenges aside from driving, then I learned a about the Land Rover G4 Challenge. I loved the way the trucks looked with the big G4 on them. Then I thought G6 is a lifestyle. It’s the Vegas lifestyle, and recon is a derivative of recon crawlers. It was easy from there. I wanted to combine them so the Recon g6 was born. To be able to mix it up and make it fun so not only do drivers have to drive their scalers, they would have to complete Parker tasks like hopscotch, or shooting air soft guns at targets, for other bonuses throughout the challenge.”


What are the rules for RECON G6?
2) Trailmarkers are not obstacles. The challenge is on the way to them. They are your guide to adventure
3) Driving sections are mandatory even if there are no trail markers, no matter what the the trail line goes through
4) Most important have fun!

What did you do before G6?
“I ran  the warranty department for a concrete construction company for 14 yrs.; a job where I had to make everyone happy!”


Best G6 memory?
“My best G6 memory is the third G6 I put on which was the RECON G6 Erzberg, and the last event I got to drive in. I won driver of the day by a minute 39 seconds. Before that event a friend and I had made a bet that for every minute ahead either of us were of each other we’d get to shock the loser that many times at the next G6. So I ended up coming in 1.39 ahead!”

Other than Scale, what other rc do you do?
“Nothing really I have an rc boat, but it collects more dust than water. I actually got good at my indoor heli until I tried to land on my Akita and he ate it.”


How long have you been into RC?
“Since 2006, I once helped my brother assemble an rc10, and I had watched racing in Colorado but never got into it.”

You name your scale rigs; can you give us the list?
“My Axial Rubicon is named “Edna” for my late grandmother who loved riding in my 1:1  Jeep Wrangler with the top down. My Axial Wraith is named “Poochie”. My Honcho based Hilux is “lil Lexus”, my Axial EXO Terra buggy is “Buck”.

So what’s going to be the name of your G6 wrangler?
“You know I haven’t told anyone this so here is an Rc Soup exclusive! I’m going to name my new G6 Wrangler “Yoda”.”



What was your first RC?
“A red corvette from Walmart that only turned in reverse, but what got me involved with rc competition were nylint rc cars, from walmart. I held seasonal competitions with them in my backyard.”


What is the future of Recon G6?
“The recon G6 is in it’s infancy, and is growing into a family event to incorporate what g6ers need to get their scaler fix. Older rc hobbyists who have competed have said that after thirty years in the hobby this is their best rc experience ever! The first timers with brand new rigs say the same but I just want to be able to bring the fun to everyone like that more and more. G6ers are a family, I take pride in welcoming new members!”

What’s your favorite kind of soup?
“RC Soup”

Kidd Kaos


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3 Responses to “The Inside Soup with Brian Parker of Recon G6”

  1. pinky says:

    Great job….keep up the great work bro

  2. Exclusive RC says:

    Killer job bro, good stuff!

  3. Thom K says:

    It’s been a great adventure knowing and driving with Brian. Looking forward to many more fun filled years together.

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