Upgrading the Tamiya Avante 2011: Part 2

Here we are with the third installment of “Project Avante”. The first article was a simple build up and the second was the installation of the upgraded electronics and better tires.

Now thanks to the generous sponsorship of RCMART.COM we can continue on with the third article, HOP UPS! These parts were chosen as ones that would increase the car’s durability on the track and also gain a little more performance (torque splitter). This car was always intended to be raced at the Vintage Off-Road Nationals. We figured whoever wins the car in our upcoming charity raffle for Children’s Miracle Network would appreciate having a more durable car (not that we broke anything on it in testing) and a little better performance.

avante hop ups 001

Above you can see all the cool things we got from RCMART.COM. We received front and rear aluminum knuckles from YEAH RACING and the torque splitter set from TAMIYA.


avante hop ups 002

We will start with the installation of the front aluminum knuckles from Yeah Racing. First we need to take off the stock ones.


avante hop ups 004Here they are in  their packaging. I dig the logo.


avante hop ups 005The knuckles themselves seem machined well and I didn’t see any problems. They came in a nice mat black finish.


avante hop ups 006Here is a comparison of the stock (top) and the new knuckle (bottom).


avante hop ups 007One difference between stock and the Yeah Racing knuckle is that the new knuckle is threaded where the ball stud goes.


avante hop ups 009Here we have the new knuckle and axle all together.


avante hop ups 010When putting the knuckle back on the car do not forget the little spacer, you still need this.


avante hop ups 012A close up shot of the spacer.


avante hop ups 014Just a tech tip, I use a little dab of blue Loctite on all screws that thread into metal.


avante hop ups 016The new aluminum knuckle on the car.


avante hop ups 019Hhmmmm….. I noticed a little gap between the wheel hex and the knuckle that was not present with the stock pieces.


avante hop ups 020I will just add some shims to take up the slop. Hey Kevin,You owe me some shims!


avante hop ups 021Shims added. I used just enough to take up the slop and allow a little movement so not to bind anything.


avante hop ups 022All nice!


avante hop ups 023The rear knuckles and check out the RCMART.com decal  😉


avante hop ups 024The rear knuckles came with some simple instructions.


avante hop ups 025Sorry for the out of focus photo but here we have the new Yeah Racing hub next to the stock set up.


avante hop ups 026Ready for install!


avante hop ups 027There stock bearing just pops right in.


avante hop ups 028Now the new rear Yeah Racing hubs come with two spacers.The instructions tell you where to put them.


avante hop ups 030They are used to space out the upper tie rod.

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