Tamiya DF03 MS: Can it Compete Part 3, Upgrades

It has been a while since the last Tamiya DF03 “Can It Compete” article. In this chapter we will be going over the mods and upgrades that we have done to the car.

df03 pics 045

First up are tires… We can not race the car on the stock tires and expect to do well, so some new rubber was in store. This car will be ran on Redneck RC’s indoor offroad. It is a mixture of top soil and clay that has pretty good grip. I decided to go with what works on other cars. A pair of Jconcepts Bar Codes for the front in the soft flavor and for the rear I went with Proline’s Suburbs in super soft.


df03 pics 046

Here you can see the new rubber mounted up to the stock wheels.


df03 pics 051 - Copy

Next up is a pile of aluminum goodness sponsored by RCMART. We have shock towers and a aluminum battery cover from YEAH RACING as well as a rear hinge pin brace from 3Racing. The stock towers flex like mad so these new aluminum ones should fix that problem. The battery cover stiffens the chassis. The hinge pin brace keeps ya from ripping the rear pins out.


df03 pics 052 - Copy

The Yeah Racing battery cover is nicely machined and comes in a brilliant blue color.


df03 pics 053 - Copy

Look at that. You know you like it 🙂


df03 pics 054 - Copy

Up next is the Yeah Racing rear tower. It is nicely made and very stout.


df03 pics 055 - Copy

Take off the rear plastic tower…


df03 pics 056 - Copy

and BAM!! put on the new aluminum tower. Looks nice.


df03 pics 058 - Copy

So having the rear of the car in hand I decided to put on the 3Racing rear hinge pin brace. This piece comes with new hinge pins that are held in by set screw.


df03 pics 059 - Copy

Remove the rear bumper..


df03 pics 060 - Copy

Organize your parts that are going to be put on..


df03 pics 063 - Copy

Notice the groove for the set screw in the hinge pin. Make sure this is in the correct spot.


df03 pics 066 - Copy

Take the rear brace and screw it on. Add the set screws in the threaded hole provided making sure set screw seats into groove on the pin and you are done.


df03 pics 067 - Copy

Time for the front tower.


df03 pics 068 - Copy

Again, a nicely made piece.


df03 pics 069 - Copy

Very simple to install and looks good. Bling Bling.


df03 pics 070 - Copy

Now this piece was recommended by people on the forums. It is a bottom gear box mount for the front of the car made by Eracing.


df03 pics 071 - Copy

It is a two piece design and has a small kick up in it to match the stock unit.


df03 pics 073 - Copy

Here you see it partially installed. The two top tubes are the steering post.


df03 pics 074 - Copy

After adding the rest of the parts it is on the car. Very easy to install.


df03 pics 075 - Copy

Here is a shot of some of the parts we took off the car.


df03 pics 077 - Copy

And a shot of the car with the hop ups installed.


df03 pics 078 - Copy

A look from the rear.


df03 pics 079 - Copy

A bottom view.


df03 pics 081 - Copy

A nice pic with the body on. (yes the tires are dirty, we had to do some testing 😉 )


df03 pics 083 - Copy

Whats this?? A TWISTEDSKIN?? For those of you that might not know I am a artist by trade. About a year ago I decided to start bringing the two things that I love together. Art and racing. So I started making skins for rc chassis. Check out my Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/TwistedSkins


df03 pics 084 - Copy

To apply the skin you 1st want to clean the chassis very well. I either use alcohol or Simple Green.


df03 pics 085 - Copy

Once the skin is applied to the chassis some slight trimming might be needed. For the DF03 the battery door needed to be cut out.


df03 pics 086 - Copy

A nice clean cut.


df03 pics 088 - Copy

Here is the skin applied. Looks pretty good if i do say so myself.

Well that will conclude this chapter for the DF03 mods. Keep an eye out for the next installment  “Can It Compete!”



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