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Tamiya DF03 MS: Can it Compete Part 4, The Breaks

Its been awhile since our last article concerning the Tamiya DF03 MS. So for a quick refresher,we built the car up to see if it could compete with today’s race proven cars. The first article was the build, the second article was the installation of the electronics and the 3rd article was about the hop […]

Tamiya DF03 MS: Can it Compete Part 3, Upgrades

It has been a while since the last Tamiya DF03 “Can It Compete” article. In this chapter we will be going over the mods and upgrades that we have done to the car. First up are tires… We can not race the car on the stock tires and expect to do well, so some new […]

Tamiya DF03 MS: Can it Compete Part 2, Electronics

Here we are ready to go ahead and start part two in the series “Can it Compete?” In part two we will be talking about electronics and how we installed them in our Tamiya DF-03 MS. Lets get started shall we? Above pictured is the DF-03 roller and a Peak Powermax 2s 45c stick lipo. […]

Tamiya DF03 MS: Can it Compete Part 1, The Build

Back in early December I posted a teaser pic of the Tamiya DF03-MS with a title “Can It Compete?” I finally got around to building it. First off I would like to thank Calvin Hall, owner and operator of REDNECK RC for sponsoring this article series. Calvin at Redneck is one of the best in […]

TLR 22-4 Race Kit: 1/10 4WD Buggy

It has been a long time coming, but TLR has finally announced the new 1/10 4×4 buggy, the 22-4 (Twenty Two – Four)   TLR03005 1:10 22-4 4WD Buggy Race Kit All good things come to those who wait. The Team Losi Racing Twenty Two-Four (22-4) heralds the return of the marque to the 1:10 […]

Associated’s new B44.2 spotted @ Stormer Hobbies

We haven’t seen an official announcement from Team Associated on this, nor is it on their site yet.. but Stormer Hobbies posted info about it last night. The B44.2 Factory Team kit takes the next step in drawing out every opportunity to maximize the 4WD buggy’s potential. The big news on the B44.2 is the […]


A few weeks ago, we brought you news that Axial Racing had been teasing a new kit. At that time, only conceptual drawings and a few spy shots had been released. Axial has officially announced the EXO 4wd Terra Buggy. Axial’s R&D team started with a clean slate and took an in depth look at […]

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