Tamiya DF03 MS: Can it Compete Part 2, Electronics

Here we are ready to go ahead and start part two in the series “Can it Compete?” In part two we will be talking about electronics and how we installed them in our Tamiya DF-03 MS. Lets get started shall we?

df03 pics 001

Above pictured is the DF-03 roller and a Peak Powermax 2s 45c stick lipo. I chose this lipo for its shape and C rating. My standard race lipos did not fit so I searched for a lipo in stick configuration. I found a number of different companies that offered lipos in this style but none of them beside the Peak lipo had a C rating above 25. For a 4wd car I was thinking that I wanted something with a little more snap so I went with the Peak.

df03 pics 002df03 pics 006

Now the pack itself fits into the underside of the DF-03’s chassis and the battery “box” is domed at the top. The chassis has cut outs to allow for wires and what not. Refer to the picture above for more info.

df03 pics 003

With that said I was not happy with how the wires were coming out of the holes provided. This was due in part to the way the leads exited the battery, directly from the middle of the front of the pack.  As you can see above the wires were slightly pinched by the chassis.

df03 pics 005

What do we do in this sort of situation? We break out the dremel! A must have tool.


df03 pics 007

With the holes enlarged the wires fit better. Not perfect but better.

df03 pics 008

Here you can see how much I opened the hole up. Yea I know that body mount looks a little iffy now.


df03 pics 010

The battery door fits perfectly with no bulging. Before it bulged with the wires not routed through their new holes. (sorry no pic of the bulging door)

df03 pics 012

Time for a servo. I went with Team Associateds XP digital series that I bought from a fellow racer. This servo has more then enough torque and speed for this application. In the pic you also see all the spacers and screws needed to put it in the DF-03.

df03 pics 013

Tamiya supplies an “extender” to mount the servo to the stand offs on the chassis.

df03 pics 015

Here are the spacers that are used to raise the servo.

df03 pics 016

Servo installed!

df03 pics 017

I chose to test out the stock servo saver. The bands that add the “spring” to the saver seem strong enough. Servo mounted servo savers are weak. Not this one.

df03 pics 018

You stack the bands over one another to create the savers tension.

df03 pics 019

Here is a better pic of how they look installed.

df03 pics 022

A little loctite on the screw is needed. I usually loctite all places that have metal to metal contact.

df03 pics 023

And the finished product,now just to instal it.

df03 pics 024

Servo saver and servo! Notice where the servo is mounted,in the back of the chassis.

df03 pics 025

Here I installed the servo steering rod. It is quite long. I do like the blue.

df03 pics 027

To power this car  I chose to use the Duratrax DE10 fully programmable ESC.

df03 pics 028

Before you put the ESC in the car make sure to clean all surfaces. I use alcohol.

df03 pics 031

Here you see the ESC installed. I had to Put the ESC  on its side due to lack of room in the chassis.

df03 pics 032

Yup I got the Dremel out again. I had to take some material off the chassis so the solder tabs of the brushless motor would fit.

df03 pics 037

Here you can see what I am talking about. I even had to solder the blue wire on so it came off the side. It is a little tight in here.And as far as what type of motor this is I am using Duratrax’s 8.5 sensored motor with the ESC. This combo should provide the car with enough HP to compete speed wise with the other cars at the track.

df03 pics 038

Using the included metric pinion gear. I have read online that you can swap out the stock spur gear for a Team Associated B4 spur. That allows you to use standard 48 pitch pinions.

df03 pics 039

My trusty old Spektrum receiver.

df03 pics 040

Here i drilled a hole into the antenna mount for the receivers antenna wire. I didn’t want to run the wire under the mount like Tamiya suggested. I thought the wire would get pinched by the battery.

df03 pics 042

Well there we have it, all wired up and ready to go. It is not he prettiest wiring job but it gets the job done. At this point I am really getting the itch to run this thing! Can it compete? I sure hope so, the car is pretty cool!

Once again I would like to thank Calvin Hall, owner and operator of Redneck RC for his sponsoring of this build up. Redneck is a great race facility with an onsite hobby shop with killer prices. Make sure to check them out on Facebook.

df03 pics teaser

Well folks that wraps up part two of  in the series “Tamiya DF-03 MS,Can it Compete?” Here is a sneak peek as to what is coming in the next article in this series. Yes there will be more!

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