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New and Improved MaxAmps 24v Power Supply

MaxAmps is always striving to improve products based on customer feedback. The new MaxAmps 24v power supply is a workhorse that will produce 1150 watts getting you back to the fun fast! After hearing feedback from some customers regarding the fan noise being too loud, they found a simple solution. These new power supplies now […]

JConcepts – B5 | B5M aluminum wing shim

One of the finer adjustments on the B5 series of vehicle has been the rear wing shim.   Drivers have the option of changing wing angle by changing the direction of the shim or the height by running the shim below or above the wing.   JConcepts is now offering the wing shim as a machined aluminum […]

JConcepts – 4wd front Smoothies

JConcepts remains committed to 1/10th off-road racing by releasing the Smoothies.  In some conditions in off-road racing, there is no denying that a slick tire is the fastest way around the track.  Throughout the racing calendar year, there are several tracks where slicks in either gold or green compound are the go-to tire.   In damp […]

Pre-Orders Open, Schelle B44.3 -3mm Aluminum Chassis Set

Pre-Orders open now! Releasing on April 17th, the Schelle B44.3 Aluminum Chassis set debuted at the 2015 Reedy Race of Champions is ready for production release. The 2.5mm 7075 Aluminum CNC milled chassis plate is 3mm shorter. Coupled with a new front top deck the new length transforms the 44.3. The reduced length has 2 […]


Perhaps the best debut for a production-ready new R/C vehicle at Cactus this year was the X Factory SCX – 61, an updated version of X Factory’s successful all carbon fiber mid motor short course truck.  Alex Krieg qualified 9th with the SCX – 61 in mod SC and Engineer Paul Sinclair qualified 10th with […]

JConcepts new releases – Whippits | Rippits

The outdoor racing scene has a new off-road tire, the Whippits.  Built on the 60mm bead size carcass, the Whippits are fresh from the JConcepts design team.  Starting with a sit-down meeting with racing legend Brian “Dirt” Kinwald, Jason Ruona went to work creating a beefier bar tire capable of conquering the outdoor blue groove, […]

Hobbico Dronerider

Commute on the Skyway! Be the first to commute on the skyway! Why walk, ride or take a bus when you can fly? The ew DRONERIDER lets you get where you need to go fast. Strap on the helmet equipped with 4 rotors, turn on your transmitter and fly yourself wherever you need to go! […]

Pro-Line To Release PRIME TRACK Shoe! The Ultimate Turn Marshal Experience!

Pro-Line To Release PRIME TRACK Shoe! The Ultimate Turn Marshal Experience! PRIME tread design in MC compound is great on those high bite clay tracks so that you can get all the same traction your car does! No more embarrassing face plants! Gain appreciation from all of your fellow racers by taking your marshaling skills […]

Protoform PFM-12

  Aimed at 1:12 On-Road racers who want close, competitive, scale-looking racing without breaking the bank, GT12 is a brand-new class that has emerged in the UK with the potential to spread to carpet tracks around the globe. Introducing PROTOform’s first race body for the GT12 class: the PFM-12. Inspired by the supercars that call […]

Avid RC Twofer Tuesday

Two Avid RC Releases on this Tuesday Xray T4 ’15 Aluminum Chassis The Xray T4 ’15 Aluminum Chassis is loaded with several unique features. We recommend using this chassis to increase performance on high to medium bite conditions. We will have limited quantities available for sale at 2015 Mile High Indoor Champs for those that […]

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