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Schelle Racing B5M and T5M Aluminum Arm Mount D

The Schelle B5M Aluminum Rear Arm Mount D replaces the kit plastic part on a B5M and T5M. The design improves durability, ground clearance, and also ease of use to disassemble the rear suspension. The added strength of aluminum allows for a minimalist design using machined Delrin (TM) pivot balls to allow for perfect suspension […]

Revolution Design RB6 Aluminum Rear Hubs

The Revolution Design Racing Products aluminum rear hubs are precision CNC-machined from aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminum and made to replace the standard plastic hubs with a more durable and better looking variant. The hubs mimic the stock geometry, offer two vertical mounting positions for the camber link ball stud and they are of a 0° toe […]

Serpent Aluminum CVDs

New 1/8 CVDs for Serpent On Road cars For all Serpent 1/8 scale cars, 966 and 977, Serpent now offers the CVD drive shafts in hard anodized 7075-T6 aluminum .   Laser engraved with length and Serpent logo. These are around 50% lighter than the same durable units in spring-steel.  So an important reduction of rotational […]

Avid RC B44.2 Hard-Anodized Aluminum Chassis Set with B44.1 +8 option

AVID is announcing the arrival of the 2.5mm thick, hard anodized B44.2 chassis.  The AVID chassis improves handling, lowers CG, and includes an optional ballast weight system which allows for adjustable weight bias while keeping the CG as low as possible.   AVID  team drivers have been testing this chassis in Southern California with incredible results. […]

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