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RC Soup Holiday Gift Guide: Batteries and Chargers

We at RC Soup are mostly what you’d call “electric guys”. Most of us have run nitro in the past, but with the advancements in brushless and lipo technologies, the reasons for choosing to run nitro seem fewer and fewer (at least for us). Electric cars wouldn’t be where they are today without quality batteries […]

RC Soup Holiday Gift Guide: On-Road

The On-Road R/C category is quite large. There are basic bashers to run around on the street. Then there are super scale drift cars. We also have the purpose built high speed machines designed solely to break a certain speed barrier. Lets not forget the carpet racers. With such a wide category, we kept it […]

New Duratrax Pit Tech Stands

Duratrax has released three new stands that are sure to make your RC maintenance easier, and keep your pit table cleaner in the process. Pit Tech™ Deluxe Shock Stand A “must-have” when performing shock absorber maintenance. The Deluxe Shock Stand not only provides the ideal place to work on shocks, it also reduces work area […]

New Upgrades for Duratrax 835B/E

835B/E upgrades from Duratrax offer greater strength and fine-tuned dampening   Graphite Braces 835B and 835E drivers who are always looking for an extra edge need look no further than these affordable new Duratrax upgrades. Both braces offer the lightness and flex resistance of carbon fiber construction. Spring Sets Six sets of springs include stock […]

Duratrax releases 7075 aluminum hop-ups for 835B/E buggies

Competitors are always looking for a way to make their vehicles lighter and stronger. These aluminum upgrades for the Duratrax 835B nitro buggy and 835E brushless buggy do both, at prices racers can easily afford. All twelve are machined from heat-treated 7075 T-6 aluminum alloy for improving overall strength-to-weight ratios and reinforcing durability at key […]

New Duratrax 1/8 Scale Buggy Tires

Duratrax continues to offer tires that deliver top-end traction and quality construction at an affordable price. Three new tread designs have joined the 1/8 scale Competition Buggy lineup — Dinero, Score and Barz — giving off-road racers more options for equipping their vehicles to meet specific track conditions and surfaces. Also now available: popular Bandito […]

Hands on: Duratrax 19-in-1 Tool Set w/Pouch For Traxxas

This is the Duratrax 19-in-1 Tool Set for Traxxas Vehicles. It’s meant to be a basic, all-in-one tool set to keep your r/c maintenance easy. It’s marketed for Traxxas vehicles (with their popularity, you can probably understand why) but it’s really pretty useful to work on any R/C and has most common size tools used. […]

Duratrax Chevy Camaro ZL1 RTR

Duratrax Chevy Camaro ZL1 RTR We’ve seen some pictures of this bad boy floating around, along with a video, but the official release has been announced! Duratrax will release this officially licensed ZL-1 Camaro in July! Built for pure performance! This officially licensed Camaro ZL1 delivers the thrills you’d expect from a full-size Camaro in […]

Duratrax’s new RTR 1/8 E-Buggy: DTX 835E

New 835E delivers true 1/8 scale power for racing! An edge in racing is always a good thing, and this buggy delivers one factory-installed and ready for action: a power system consisting of an Onyx 2200kV brushless outrunner motor and a waterproof, 120A Onyx ESC. It’s a combo that’s already proven itself a winner — […]

Duratrax Onyx 1/10 & 1/8 Scale Brushless Systems

Onyx Brushless Systems are perfect for upgrading existing RTR brushless systems, as well as installation in 1/10 and 1/8 scale electric kits. Systems are available in popular kV ratings, making them ideal for both  buggies and trucks. The ESC is fully programmable, for easy tuning to specific driving styles. It’s also waterproof for worry-free driving. […]

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