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Associated Factory Team Centered ESC Mount

The Factory Team Centered ESC mount allows racers to mount their ESC in the center of the car against the rear bulkhead. In addition, the Centered ESC Mount makes room underneath for the receiver when using shorter packs. These changes move more of the weight to the center, allowing the vehicle to change directions faster. […]

New from Team Associated – RC10R5.1 Factory Team Kit

The RC10R5.1 Factory Team Kit takes the next evolutionary step into the growing 1:10 scale World GT on-road racing class. With 35 years of 1:12 and 1:10 scale on-road racing experience, Team Associated’s 10R5.1 comes from a long line of high-performance pan car chassis’ with a race-winning pedigree. Taking the design cues and revisions from […]

NEW! Associated SC10 4×4 Factory Team Kit!

The SC10 4×4 taken to the next level with Factory Team treatment! Starting with the already awesome SC10 4×4, Team Associated takes our 4WD short course truck to the next level with the full Factory Team treatment! The new high-performance features found on the SC10 4×4 Factory Team kit have been designed to give this […]

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