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To partner the super-cool WR8 3.0 World Rally Championship replica, we’ve also got a Flux-powered electric version that is tuned for tarmac rally fun and excitement! The WR8 Flux has all of the tough drivetrain components of the nitro version, however it’s powered by a 4000Kv Flux Vektor motor and your choice of 2S or […]

HPI Releases the 1/5 Scale Super 5SC Flux RTR

The Savage drivetrain is super flexible, allowing HPI monster trucks to reach legendary levels of durability and performance! Because of this extreme toughness, HPI designers have Super-sized the Savage to 1/5th scale, taking the Savage to a new dimension!     The Super 5SC Flux takes the powerful Flux Tork 2200KV motor and Blur speedo […]


HPI just announced a version of their Blitz ESE Pro kit that comes with a brushless motor and ESC! The BLITZ ESE PRO FLUX SC features the FLUX Vector 4800kV brushless motor with the FLUX Vapor programmable Electronic Speed Control for blinding speed and instant acceleration off the line! Harnessing all that power is a […]

HPI SUPER 5SC FLUX 1/5th scale 4WD FLUX Brushless power!

HPI is being relentless with the announcements of the new hotness. This looks like their answer to the Losi 5ive. It looks a bit like a stretched Savage X with some Baja stuff thrown in. Either way, we want one!!

HPI Baja 5B FLUX at the Nurnberg Toy Fair

HPI posted these sweet shots on their Facebook wall. As with the other post, not much info yet, but very promising looking!

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