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Tamiya M-05v2 Pro Mini JCW Coupe Build Up

Tamiya Mini (or M-Chassis) cars are something I have always admired through my years in the hobby. I’ve even owned a couple M-03’s but never really got into their full potential. That’s to say I’ve never raced one. The class has always appealed to me because the cars are smaller, typically more detailed, and unique […]

Tamiya Super Clodbuster – Build up

Ah, yes. The Tamiya Clodbuster. If you had an RC in the 1980’s, there is a pretty good chance you had a Tamiya. And if you had a Tamiya, chances are you WANTED a Clodbuster! Tamiya USA has once again come to the table in a big big way for our annual Children’s Miracle Network […]

Tamiya 1/12 Toyota Tom’s 84C

In 1985, Tamiya released a 1/12 scale R/C model of the Toyota Tom’s 84C Group C race car and it enjoyed a great reputation. In recent years, the 1/12 scale class has become a very popular R/C race class once again. To re-enter this exciting class, Tamiya’s Toyota Tom’s 84C will be making a return […]

Tamiya Unveiling

Tamiya USA has had a countdown clock on their website for a while. They are saying it is a countdown to an unveiling for something new. They haven’t spilled the beans yet, but there is some speculation out there that they are releasing an RC Millennium Falcon.  Ok, maybe that’s wishful thinking. But, what is […]

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