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Help bring back the Tamiya TXT-1 Monster Truck

Some of our friends started and are actively signing this petition to get the TXT-1 back into production. We thought it was worth sharing! Since its introduction in 2000-2002 the Tamiya Xtreme Truck (TXT) has been one of the most popular R/C trucks ever created. The most significant and most obvious feature of the TXT-1 […]

New Era Models Releasing Limited Run of Tamiya Juggernaut/TXT Tube Chassis

For anyone interested, New Era Models is going to make some more of their TXT/Jugg tube chassis. This chassis is setup for the Juggernaut but since the TXT-1 center transmission has the same pattern it also works with parts from the TXT-1 as a custom build. If anyone wants one feel free to email Frank […]

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