RC Soup Children’s Miracle Network Benefit 2013- Winner Announced!

Ok guys, this is it. Today was the big drawing for the Children’s Miracle Network Charity Benefit. As most of you know, RCSoup is all about giving back to the community. We do what we do for fun, and not for profit. What little money we do generate from advertising and Merch sales, all goes […]


Attention Club and Track owners.. Send us your events!

Alright guys, you know us.. we’re racers at heart. We love going to new events and traveling (within a reasonable distance). The same can be said about many R/C racers across the country. We’ve always allowed people to submit news to us, but this is a reminder specifically to track owners and club owners. We’re […]


RC Soup is seeking some contributors (additional writers)

  Do you love writing? How about R/C? Ever dreamed of combining the two? If so, we might have room for you here at RC Soup. As many of you know, this site is basically a two man operation (Matt & Kevin). We’ve had some much appreciated help from a few other contributors (Jim, Jarodd, […]


Hot Racing – Pro Quality Wrenches

Hot Racing releases Pro Quality, German Steel tip 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm wrenches! These top quality wrenches are designed to feel sturdy, remain light and LAST!  Hollow handles look awesome in the pits, button caps keep you comfortable when you come up against a stubborn bolt and the top quality German Steel tips keep you […]

caterham_side_cover Sponsors Formula 1

We’ve all seen how much Traxxas sponsors full size motorsports. I think we can all agree that it is good for our industry to get the additional exposure. Along those same lines, Liquid RC is sponsoring full size F1 racing this weekend. ________________________________ Liquid RC is a proud sponsor of the Caterham Formula 1 Team […]


AKA Track Database – Tire Recommendations for Tracks in a Click

The AKA Track Database is an online app to aid in tire selection for tracks all over the world. The tire recommendations come straight from the world championship winning race team and is constantly updated. It’s easy as typing in a track name and hitting enter to see the exact tread patterns and compounds to […]

Here you can see Rheinard's car from the Worlds with battery forward. The forward position "numbs" the car a bit making it a little easier to drive in high speed modified racing. While there are 2 "preset" locations for battery forward and rearward in the transverse position, the user can remove the battery locators and move the battery variably and substantially to the front.

2014 IFMAR World Champion CRC Xti-WC Released

Building on the winning heritage from the multi-champion Xti and Xti-Altered Ego cars, the new CRC Xti-WC is now available. The “World Champion” (WC) edition features a new chassis and front sub frame (U-plate) as well as minor geometry tweaks to make this latest machine the best chassis for both modified and spec class racing. […]


Hot Racing-New Releases

Hot Racing is gaining traction with their latest release!  Sedona Rib rock Racer 2.2 tires for all your crawling and U4RC needs!  Climb, crawl, or race with this gripping new product!  Innovative tread design gives you traction on any surface and we mean ANY!  Not stopping where others would, Hot Racing has included side-wall tread […]

all mounted

Axial Ram Power Wagon- Installing Scalerfab goodies

The Axial Ram Power Wagon’s bumpers are lexan, and are a part of the body. They offer no protection at all. That being said, I went looking for an upgrade. Scalerfab happens to have a full size version of this truck, so they were quick to pick up the 1/10 version, and also quick to […]


How to Deck an RC Dirt Oval Late Model Body

Here is a step by step process to put decking in a dirt oval late model body. I start out with one piece of RJ speed lexan. It almost fits inside a 1/8th scale body,  it all depends how you want  the decking to look. It really is up to you. I prefer the drop […]


Team Titan Tools from Viper RC

Titan R/C provides high quality tools to fit your R/C needs. Easy to grip handles, and durable tips will help you build and prepare your cars for years to come. From hex wrenches, to nut drivers and set up tools. Titan R/C has the quality and precision to help built it right. Product Options/Pricing:


STRC Option parts for the Axial Yeti

ST Racing Concepts CNC Machined Aluminum Front Skid Plate/Hinge-pin brace and HD Steering Bellcrank upgrade set for Axial Yeti Improve the durability and the precision on the steering of your Axial Yeti with this 5 piece CNC Machined Heavy Duty Steering Bellcrank upgrade set. This set will replace all the stock plastic steering pieces with […]


RC4WD New releases

Worminator Crawler Comp MOA Axle Set   Product Specifications: Front and Rear Axle CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Housing Front and Rear Solid Axle with Worm Gear Drive Large Gear reduction in a small Axle pumpkin size Self Locking on Steep Slopes Torque Twist is minimized due to the Gear Reduction Ratio Axle Casing Split right […]

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