RC Soup Children’s Miracle Network Benefit 2013- Winner Announced!

Ok guys, this is it. Today was the big drawing for the Children’s Miracle Network Charity Benefit. As most of you know, RCSoup is all about giving back to the community. We do what we do for fun, and not for profit. What little money we do generate from advertising and Merch sales, all goes […]


Attention Club and Track owners.. Send us your events!

Alright guys, you know us.. we’re racers at heart. We love going to new events and traveling (within a reasonable distance). The same can be said about many R/C racers across the country. We’ve always allowed people to submit news to us, but this is a reminder specifically to track owners and club owners. We’re […]


RC Soup is seeking some contributors (additional writers)

  Do you love writing? How about R/C? Ever dreamed of combining the two? If so, we might have room for you here at RC Soup. As many of you know, this site is basically a two man operation (Matt & Kevin). We’ve had some much appreciated help from a few other contributors (Jim, Jarodd, […]


JConcepts releases two New Scale Tires

The super soft green compound grips like a monster, while the tall (125mm) profile JConcepts tire for 1.9” wheels tackles even the most treacherous terrain.  The Ruptures are that extremely tacky yet versatile tire trailing drivers lust for.   The design starts with a layout of individual “large islands” that react to directional and forward loading […]

ominus fpv 1


Get a true, bird’s eye view of flight! Say “Ominus” and people automatically know you’re talking about a tough-as-nails quad that delivers extra-aerobatic performance. Now there’s the Dromida FPV: a camera-equipped quad that gives pilots a first-person view of flight using only a free app and their own smartphone. Using a smartphone simultaneously makes separate […]


MODX Release new 540 Competition brushless motors

MODX is pleased to announce their new 540 Racer competition motor line is now available. After many months of design and testing they have perfected their motors to offer racers a design that runs cooler while providing exceptional power and reliability. Engineered using the highest quality components and built to IFMAR/ROAR/EFRA specs the motors are […]


Yeah Racing Light Weight Aluminum Pinion Gears from rcMart

This is Yeah Racing’s light weight pinion gear set from rcMart. Yeah Racing has many different sets in different sizes including 64 pitch and 48 pitch gears. They also can be purchased individually at as well. The sets come in a qty of 6.   Yeah Racing 48 pitch pinion sets come in 4 different […]


Yeah Racing Soldering Jig from rcMart

One of the biggest problems I have had is soldering lead wires at the track.. I always seem to burn my fingers waiting for the solder to set… Now you don’t have to have burnt finger tips anymore with this compact soldering jig from Yeah Racing. The compact size is what is the selling point here… […]


Dirt Racing Products – New product line

Brian Kinwald, one of the top names of all-time in R/C racing and development, has set out to offer exclusive products to the racer via Dirt Racing Products. Preparation methods, tire applications and additives along with unique tools and products have kept BK running at the top of his game since 1990. Practice, learn and […]


Hobbico and Futaba Co-Sponsor World’s First Drone Film Festival

Hobbico, Inc. and Futaba are among companies sponsoring the world’s first event that celebrates the art of drone photography — the New York City Drone Film Festival, scheduled for March 7, 2015. Many creative works will be screened, including a 30-second video commissioned by Hobbico to promote the Futaba 14SG radio. It was produced by […]

OS Engines

O.S. Speed T1201 Touring

Turn tables at the track! Made for competitors who need the most from their engine, the T1201 Speed from O.S. is a winning combination of factory-tuning, quality craftsmanship, and top-notch technology. It’s designed to leave the competition spittin’ grit and you grinning on the podium. Among its top features are a long stroke, hand-matched piston […]


Futaba 4GRS 4-Channel 2.4GHz Computer Radio System

The telemetry advantage for the winning edge! Everyone – from hard-core crawlers and scalers to competition boaters and racers – who demands the most from their radios will find that the 2-stick 4GRS meets and exceeds every requirement.  Telemetry functions relay critical information to a graphic LCD screen. Extreme off-roaders will appreciate the dual ESC […]

df03 break i

Tamiya DF03 MS: Can it Compete Part 4, The Breaks

Its been awhile since our last article concerning the Tamiya DF03 MS. So for a quick refresher,we built the car up to see if it could compete with today’s race proven cars. The first article was the build, the second article was the installation of the electronics and the 3rd article was about the hop […]

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