Project Overkill: RJ Speed Digger

Recently I acquired a gently used Castle Creations CM36 9,000KV motor. This is the fastest 1/10 motor Castle makes. I looked at their site regarding this motor (they have a specific page for it HERE). From there you will find your way to an advisory page where it states to NEVER use this in a Short Course truck. This got me thinking.. What am I supposed to do with this insane motor? What do I put it in?

I got looking around some online hobby shops, ebay, etc for ideas and stumbled upon a beat up Bolink Digger. I had some other ideas, ones that made more sense.. like an older HPI RS4 or something.. but the Digger kept me coming back. The idea of the Digger anyways, not that specific one on ebay. It’s a short wheelbase, straight axle, wheelie popping, fun little truck.

I contacted RJ Speed (they basically used to work for Bolink (before they went under) and currently sell most of the cars they used to make). I asked questions on whether they thought the car could handle the motor, how it would hold up, etc. To my surprise, they were actually quite curious themselves to see how it would react with such a high horsepower motor, enough to let me test it! The great guys over there had this little guy rushed to me so that we could get our test in before the famous Central New York snow starts falling.

The RJ Speed Digger only comes in kit form, and the first part of this project will actually be the kit build. It’s not a complicated kit by any means but I’d still like to take the time to show it to you. There is a lengthy in depth video on the last page of this post of our first test session.

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