Tamiya DF03 MS: Can it Compete Part 1, The Build


dfo3 1st build 039

Now we put the completed diff assembly in the rear gearbox.

dfo3 1st build 040

Cap it off with the cover.

dfo3 1st build 041

Here are the parts needed for the rear transmission. whats that in the bag? It is a center one way!

dfo3 1st build 042

Here we place the gear and bearings on the shaft.

dfo3 1st build 043

Next we place the one-way on its shaft. Note direction and placement of spacers.

dfo3 1st build 044

A close up of the one-way assembly with gear.

dfo3 1st build 045

One more bearing on the other side.

dfo3 1st build 046

Then we attach the drive cup with a set screw. I am not a fan of the outdrive being plastic.

dfo3 1st build 047

Oooops, be careful with the E-clips. I broked one.

dfo3 1st build 048

This is where the E-clip goes on the lay shaft.

dfo3 1st build 049

A couple of bearings…

dfo3 1st build 050

Now we can put it in the gearbox/tranny. I read online that the top shaft gear wears if not heavily greased so keep that in mind.

dfo3 1st build 051

All sealed up.

dfo3 1st build 052

The rear transmission.

dfo3 1st build 053

A little bling for the motor plate. This should keep motor temps down a bit.

dfo3 1st build 054

Here we have the motor plate installed and you can see two of the heat sinks.

dfo3 1st build 055

A better angle.

dfo3 1st build 056

The third one is underneath.

dfo3 1st build 058

Next we install the slipper clutch. Follow the instructions and you should have no problem. On a side note I read on the Tamiyaclub forums that you can use a Team Associated B4 spur gear. That way you can use 48 pitch gears instead of trying to find metric gears to match the stock spur and pinion.

dfo3 1st build 060

Gear cover and body mount.

dfo3 1st build 061

Here is a close up of the body mount. You just clip off the tabs on the side to where you want the body to sit.

dfo3 1st build 063

Here I have the gear cover and body mount attached.

dfo3 1st build 064

Next mount the shock tower and wing mount along with the rear tie rods.

dfo3 1st build 065

Plenty of adjustments here.

dfo3 1st build 066

Next up we install the rear arms and ball studs that the shocks mount to.

dfo3 1st build 067

Time to build the CVD’s.

dfo3 1st build 068

Make sure to put lots of anti wear grease on the moving parts.

dfo3 1st build 070

Slide the barrel into the end of the CVD.

dfo3 1st build 071

Now the drive pin.

dfo3 1st build 072

Secure it with a set screw and make sure to use locktight.

dfo3 1st build 075

Tighten all the way down.

dfo3 1st build 077

Here we have both rear CVD’s and hubs completed.

dfo3 1st build 079

This is the outer rear hinge pin. Notice the notch.

dfo3 1st build 081

Make sure to line that notch up with this set screw. It is what holds it in.

dfo3 1st build 082

Snap on the tie rods and there you have it. The rear end with arms.

dfo3 1st build 084
Another shot with the chassis installed.
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2 Responses to “Tamiya DF03 MS: Can it Compete Part 1, The Build”

  1. Mas says:

    I’m looking forward to part 2. I’m a Tamiya fan (because of how much fun they are to build) and would love to see how this matches up with the big guys.

  2. lee says:

    Bin the Tamiya shock oil and use racing quality oil.

    plus use green slime when you build those shocks.

    You will need Tungsten Carbide balls in that rear dif !!!!

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