Tamiya DF03 MS: Can it Compete Part 1, The Build

dfo3 1st build 107

Now assemble the front CVD’s just like you did for the rear. Slide them into the front steering spindle then the C hub.

dfo3 1st build 109

The front uses the same type of outer hinge pin as the rear. Make sure to line up the set screw and that notch.

dfo3 1st build 112

Looking good.

dfo3 1st build 113

Shock build time. Before we get to that remember all the oil that leaked out? This made for a sticky mess.

dfo3 1st build 114

After i cleaned up all the parts with some parts cleaner everything is good to go. The shocks are nice!

dfo3 1st build 115

They may be small bores but they are aluminum and threaded.

dfo3 1st build 116

The adjustment collar has an o-ring in it so the collar doesn’t turn on its own.

dfo3 1st build 117

The innards of the lower cartridge. If you look close you can see the two little white spacers.

dfo3 1st build 118

I used what was left of the stock oil to lube the o-rings.

dfo3 1st build 119

Slide everything in the bottom of the shock…

dfo3 1st build 120

Then secure with the blue cap.

dfo3 1st build 122

Now for the pistons. These are the typical 1/10 style set up with E-clips.

dfo3 1st build 123

Piston and shaft are pushed into the shock and the lower shock end is screwed on the shaft. Notice the blue spacer. This is a rear shock.

dfo3 1st build 127

For the fronts a inner travel limiter is used.

dfo3 1st build 128

Installation is the same method as rear shock.

dfo3 1st build 129

I chose Team Associated’s shock oil to use in these shocks. I went with 45wt for the front and 40wt for the rear.

dfo3 1st build 131

My little shock stand. This allows the shocks to sit upright and allows the air bubbles to rise out of the oil.

dfo3 1st build 133

These shocks use a rubber diaphragm.

dfo3 1st build 134

The shock cap is two pieces. I am not a big fan of this design.

dfo3 1st build 135

The plastic portion slides up the inside of the cap.

dfo3 1st build 137

Here we have a filled and bled shock. Follow the instructions on how to bleed the shocks.

dfo3 1st build 140

Now its time to install these shocks onto the car.

dfo3 1st build 142

The tops just snap onto the ball studs. I hope they don’t pop off easily.

dfo3 1st build 143

Here is a shot of the car with all the shocks mounted.

dfo3 1st build 144

A close up of the rears.

dfo3 1st build 145

And the fronts.

dfo3 1st build 147

Now its time to put the wheel hexes on. We start with the axles drive pin.

dfo3 1st build 149

Its hard to see but this is the plastic drive hex. I wonder if the ones from the Tamiya Avante re-release will fit??  Those were aluminum.

dfo3 1st build 150

The wheels look pretty good.

dfo3 1st build 152

Here is the front bumper.

dfo3 1st build 153

And the rear.

dfo3 1st build 154

One unique feature of this car is that the battery goes in from the bottom. This is the door and the pin that secures it.

dfo3 1st build 157

The pin just slides in from one side.

dfo3 1st build 158

And is held in place by a small body pin.

dfo3 1st build 159

Here we have the clear body. Time to cut it out.

dfo3 1st build 162

So there we have it. Part 1 of the build series “Can It Compete?” The build went on without any hitches. Tamiya makes some of the best cars to put together. No trimming needed or “slight” mods to make things work. Their instructions are top notch. Once again I would like to give Calvin Hall at REDNECK RACEWAY AND HOBBY a big THANK YOU for sponsoring this series.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of the build series. There we will be putting in the electronics and maybe some hop ups 😉

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2 Responses to “Tamiya DF03 MS: Can it Compete Part 1, The Build”

  1. Mas says:

    I’m looking forward to part 2. I’m a Tamiya fan (because of how much fun they are to build) and would love to see how this matches up with the big guys.

  2. lee says:

    Bin the Tamiya shock oil and use racing quality oil.

    plus use green slime when you build those shocks.

    You will need Tungsten Carbide balls in that rear dif !!!!

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