Did I miss the meeting? RC Industry unites to attempt to revive Stadium Truck class

It’s been quiet here, a little too quiet. Our staff all has family and we were merely trying to survive the holidays… but here we are now in 2015.. a new year and renewed vigor!

So, that said.. (and it could just be our naivete) did anyone else notice the explosion in Stadium Truck news recently? It’s as if there was an industry wide – back door meeting where everyone said “let’s bring back Stadium Truck”. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all for it. We just found it curious that we just noticed everything at once.


Stadium Truck was all but killed off with the rise of Short Course racing several years ago (at least in our opinion, that was a leading cause). With the novelty of fender banging wearing off for most racers who entered the scene 3-4 years ago, it makes sense that folks are desperate to find a new class. Locally there has been an ever-growing interest in 2wd Buggy racing, something that virtually nobody ran in these parts 3 years ago. This indoor season, it’s likely to be the biggest class.

Most club racers aren’t satisfied with racing only one class, and those who picked up 2wd buggy are likely looking for something else to run. Stadium Truck was that class for racers as far back as the 90’s. I believe that those new racers who found buggy class after entering the hobby in Short Course racing, may very well be the lifeline that Stadium Truck racing has needed for years. I guess time will tell, in the meantime.. check out this collection of recent stadium news:



Pro-Line Converts the PRO-2 into a Stadium Truck


Team Associated announces RC10T5M Team Kit Stadium Truck



hy-tc02tI’m not entirely sure when this happened, but the Team C TC02T 2WD Truck is on sale for only $99 for the kit at HRP Distributing! That seems like quite the deal..

13402xRAKA releases new Chain Link Stadium Truck Tires



Not too long ago, JConcepts announced their new 2.2″ Stadium truck Dirt Webs



Shortly before that, JConcepts also announced new Dirt-Tech inserts Stadium truck

Like I mentioned.. it could just be me more closely following the class after not having run it since 2013’s Motorama, and probably since 2006 before that at the local tracks. I do hope it makes a comeback.. if social media is anything to go by, the T5M announcement alone is the biggest news we’ve seen all year in the industry (granted, we are only a week into it).

What do you guys think? Coincidence? Or will we soon be seeing this class gain traction again nationwide? How popular is Stadium Truck class in your area?


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