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Did I miss the meeting? RC Industry unites to attempt to revive Stadium Truck class

It’s been quiet here, a little too quiet. Our staff all has family and we were merely trying to survive the holidays… but here we are now in 2015.. a new year and renewed vigor! So, that said.. (and it could just be our naivete) did anyone else notice the explosion in Stadium Truck news recently? […]

DE Racing Speedline Wheels for the Kyosho RT6 and the TLR 22T

DE Racing has announced a couple of new additions to the Speedline 2.2″ series of 1/10 Stadium Truck Wheels. They are now available for the Kyosho Ultima RT6 and TLR 22T stadium trucks. DE Speedline wheels blend a traditional style dish wheel with the precision and durability DE Racing is known for, making a statement […]

AKA Typo Stadium Truck Tire

It’s finally here! The first release in the 1:10 stadium truck line is the Typo. The Typo is a very low tread pattern that has been optimized for hard-packed indoor tracks and low dust, grooved outdoor tracks. They are available in AKA’s race proven Clay and Super Soft Compounds. Each pair come fitted with Red […]

DE Racing 1/10 Speedline Stadium Truck Wheels

New from DE Racing comes the Speedline series of racing wheels.  Blending a traditional style dish wheel to the precision and durability DE Racing has become known for, these wheels make a statement to the racing community even larger than the logo on the face.  Additional features include a channel for easier tire gluing, start holes for optional venting, […]

AKA 1:10 Stadium Truck Red Inserts

The industry standard closed-cell inserts are now available for 1:10 stadium trucks! AKA is the pioneer in closed cell inserts. This insert was designed to decrease the lateral deflection of the tire while at the same time increasing the vertical impact absorption therefore providing better handling in the bumps. Using softer foam or hollowing out […]

X Factory Announces CF Stadium Truck

X Factory announces the X – 60CF, a great new 1/10 stadium truck.  Building on the success of the amazing carbon fiber SCX – 60CF short course truck, this new stadium truck continues many of the same design principles.  It’s an all carbon fiber Conversion Kit that converts a T 4 or 4.1 to a […]

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