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New Savage XL Octane equipped for gas-powered greatness!

There are a lot of good reasons for going with gas power: lower fuel costs, longer run times, no hassle operation and more. HPI Racing has just given modelers another one: the gas-powered Savage XL Octane Monster Truck. It’s the first 1/8 scale gas-powered monster truck ever and just the thing to give monster truckers […]

EgyptSean Productions presents the Ashley Cup.. A Race for St. Jude’s

Our friend EgyptSean of EgyptSean Productions is putting together one heck of a race. As some of you may know, Sean lost his daughter (Ashley) in a tragic car accident in June 2012. This race is in memory of her and will benefit a wonderful charity, St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Ashley was always into fundraisers […]

2011 Big Bird Pull Coverage – Central Square, NY

Yesterday we had the chance to go check out an R/C Pulling event located in Central Square, NY (~1.5 hour drive). It’s called the Big Bird Pull, due to it’s proximity with Thanksgiving. They also served Turkey, and everyone brought something to pass. I found out about it in the NR/CTPA section of I […]

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