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The Inside Soup with Sean Garcia of EgyptSean Productions

I was lucky enough to have Sean Garcia, owner of EgyptSean Productions, and founder of the Ashley Cup, make time in his busy schedule to let RC Soup get… The Inside Soup. Sean, could you tell our readers a little about EgyptSean Productions? EgyptSean Productions is a videography company based in Escondito, CA. We offer […]

Ashley Cup 2: A Race for St. Jude’s Announcement

Our good friend Sean Garcia over at EgyptSean Productions just released info for the Ashley Cup 2! Check out his release below. I am proud to announce the Ashley Cup 2 will be at CVRC in Chula vista on March 29th and 30th. It is a 2 day event with racing on Saturday and a […]

EgyptSean Productions presents the Ashley Cup.. A Race for St. Jude’s

Our friend EgyptSean of EgyptSean Productions is putting together one heck of a race. As some of you may know, Sean lost his daughter (Ashley) in a tragic car accident in June 2012. This race is in memory of her and will benefit a wonderful charity, St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Ashley was always into fundraisers […]

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