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Tire Prep, Apply The Easy Way From Yeah Racing and rcMart

I have always found that when adding tire prep it was always messy. I have also wondered about the chemicals that could come in contact with my skin,  since the solutions were meant for softening rubber tires it couldn’t be that great soaking into my skin as well.  I would always wear gloves to be safe. […]

Yeah Racing Soldering Jig from rcMart

One of the biggest problems I have had is soldering lead wires at the track.. I always seem to burn my fingers waiting for the solder to set… Now you don’t have to have burnt finger tips anymore with this compact soldering jig from Yeah Racing. The compact size is what is the selling point here… […]

Cow RC Triple Crown SC Late Model Special event at Attitude RC Raceway

June 22nd brings in all the local SC Drivers as well as some new faces planning on making the drive to Waupun Wisconsin to do battle on the multi-groove high bank Attitude RC Raceway. 22 cars are entered with a few more planning on entering before the event. What makes this race so much different […]

The Inside Soup with Sean Garcia of EgyptSean Productions

I was lucky enough to have Sean Garcia, owner of EgyptSean Productions, and founder of the Ashley Cup, make time in his busy schedule to let RC Soup get… The Inside Soup. Sean, could you tell our readers a little about EgyptSean Productions? EgyptSean Productions is a videography company based in Escondito, CA. We offer […]

Cow-ordinated sKinz Coming Soon in 2 new radio models!

Dont just Skin it… Skin it COW-ORDINATED! Skinz for the Airtronics MT4 & FlySky GT3B are on their way! Now available in theme packs as well! CLICK HERE All mat and decal styles in stock @ CowRC. Spektrum DX3R, DX3R Pro, Futaba 4PL, & 4PK In stock now. Many more radio options to come. MT4 […]

2012 Children’s Miracle Network Charity Raffle Teaser

As most of you know, RCSoup is all about giving back to the community. We do what we do for fun, and not for profit. What little money we do generate from advertising and Merch sales, all goes back into the site, to either pay for travel expenses for event coverage, being able to bring […]

SOUPercharged Rides for January – cutoff approaching

Just a few more days left to get your entries in for January. We will cut off January entries at midnight on January 31. Let’s see your rides!! There are free prizes in it for you. If you submit now and don’t win for January, your entry will carry over into February. Click here to […]

SOUPercharged Rides Contest (Monthly Winners)

We’re kicking off 2012 with a bang. This is our new Reader’s Rides contest. We want to see your R/C’s! There’s a catch though. We need to see your ride showing some love for Soup. Campbell’s Chunky, Generic Tomato, Cream of Mushroom, even Spaghettios, whatever! Snap a pic of your ride with some soup, and […]

Cow RC Flat Mats Review

When we first started using the Cow RC Screw Catcher Work Mats, we couldn’t get enough. They are perfect for building a kit, or working on your RC. In the past, when you would drop a screw on the table, it would bounce onto the floor. Good luck finding it. With the Screw Catcher Mat […]

RC Soup Children’s Miracle Network Raffle 2011- Winner Announced!!!!

Ok guys, this is it. Today was the big drawing for the Tamiya CR-01 and all the goodies. To refresh everyone’s memory, a few months ago Tamiya USA contributed a sweet CR-01 crawler for us to build, review, and donate.  The build article can be found here. We followed that up with the review. When […]

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