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Yeah Racing Light Weight Aluminum Pinion Gears from rcMart

This is Yeah Racing’s light weight pinion gear set from rcMart. Yeah Racing has many different sets in different sizes including 64 pitch and 48 pitch gears. They also can be purchased individually at as well. The sets come in a qty of 6.   Yeah Racing 48 pitch pinion sets come in 4 different […]

Yeah Racing Soldering Jig from rcMart

One of the biggest problems I have had is soldering lead wires at the track.. I always seem to burn my fingers waiting for the solder to set… Now you don’t have to have burnt finger tips anymore with this compact soldering jig from Yeah Racing. The compact size is what is the selling point here… […]

July 4th Weekend Giveaway!

We’ve got a little giveaway (over $100 value) for you guys! Register below to be entered to win. You can enter once per day, between now and Monday, July 7th. One winner gets the whole lot. Winner is Shawn Munroe. Winner will receive: 2x RC4WD Licensed decal sheets Arlington Hotel fanny pack that Geo was […]

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