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Rogue Element announces ALUMINUM REAR WING for ALL 1/10 Vintage Buggies

New hotness for vintage buggy collectors from Rogue Element Components! The following is their most recent product announcement: Back in “The Day’, which I guess is any day before this one but for out purposes means the Golden Age of R/C, a few companies made Alloy wings for buggies.  Exactly why at the time is […]

Rogue Element Components – VW DASH KIT for Tamiya Sand Scorcher/Beetle

Known for super realistic, scale parts, Rogue Element Components announced the re-release of their dash kit for the Tamiya Sand Scorcher/Beetle. This time they are offering it in a right hand drive version as well. As with all of their products, this is available for a short time only. He’s taking orders until April 1, […]

Aluminum Original RC10 Stealth Transmission Case!

We just got this press release from our friends at Rogue Element Components. The timing on it is weird considering what I just received in the mail (you’ll see it soon). I said I’d be getting a tad more ambitious, so here is the newest piece:  The Tranny Case for the 2.25 Stealth RC10!  Looking […]

Alloy Scale Toolbox Insert for Custom Builds!

So, just one of those items that goes with anything:  A Toolbox Insert & Overlay!  These are Super-Easy to do, and can then be used in whatever you choose to make- A plastic, wood, or metal toolbox, a built-in for your truck’s bed, a sliding tool drawer…..Many uses for the scaler! These are meticulously cut […]

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