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RPM RC10 Inside Rear Hinge Pins

The re-release of the RC10 Classic has come with a few changes that affect users of RPM RC10 Rear A-arms (RPM #70542). RC10 Classic A-arms aren’t quite as wide as they used to be so Associated shortened the length of their hinge pins (Associated #6380). That means those pins no longer work with RPM A-arms […]

RC Soup’s 2013 Benefit for Children’s Miracle Network

As most of you know, RCSoup is all about giving back to the community. We do what we do for fun, and not for profit. What little money we do generate from advertising and Merch sales, all goes back into the site, to either pay for travel expenses for event coverage, being able to bring […]

Upgrading the Tamiya Avante 2011: Part 1

These upgrades were done just before Vintage Off-Road Nationals. We’re just getting around to posting them since it was hectic getting everything ready in time for the event, and have been on a non-stop race schedule it seems ever since. Regardless, here is our upgrade article for when we took our box stock Tamiya Avante […]

Tamiya to re-release the Egress 4wd Buggy

Coming off of the Vintage Offroad Nationals, and our recent Avante build.. we are excited to share this bit of r/c news. This is a re-release of the iconic Egress 4WD off-road racing buggy. The Egress first appeared in 1989. It was a follow up kit to the Avante, which had a huge fan following. […]

Road to Vintage Nats: Tamiya Avante 2011 Build Up

The Tamiya Avante is one of those kits that I think every kid who grew up in the 80’s wanted, and few could afford. Even the rerelease is still quite pricey. When Kevin told me that he was planning to go to the Vintage Off-Road Nationals this year, I immediately was interested in going. The […]

Road to Vintage Nats: Associated RC10 Reboot

Alright folks. This is Part 2 of my original RC10 Restoration article from WAY back in January. That article also has a lot of info about the Vintage Off-Road Nationals that all these builds are centered around. This really isn’t a part 2 though, because I pretty much scrapped that whole project. I kept a […]

Road to Vintage Nats: Associated RC10T Restoration

When Kevin started talking about racing a “vintage” R/C race I was interested. The Vintage Off-Road Nationals race is an annual event, now held at the Bethel Raceway Arena in Bethel, CT. All cars and trucks must be made before 1994. I thought it would be fun to find the old cars and trucks, fix them up, […]

Team Associated to release RC10 Classic!

Associated debuted a sneak preview of their upcoming re-release of the Original RC10 during RCX at the Long Beach Convention Center this past weekend! Details are somewhat slim now, and since we did not attend RCX, we don’t have any photos to share. We do know that it will be coming in July or August […]

Rogue Element announces ALUMINUM REAR WING for ALL 1/10 Vintage Buggies

New hotness for vintage buggy collectors from Rogue Element Components! The following is their most recent product announcement: Back in “The Day’, which I guess is any day before this one but for out purposes means the Golden Age of R/C, a few companies made Alloy wings for buggies.  Exactly why at the time is […]

Road to VONats: RC10 Restoration Part 1

Just as we had the Road to Clodapalooza last year, we decided to make another article series where we plan and prepare to attend a unique event, but building up some specific rides for it. This year, we plan to attend the 2013 Vintage Off-Road Nationals (VONats). If you didn’t know such a thing existed, […]

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