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Yeah Racing Hacktronic ESC and Hackmoto Motor Review

Yeah Racing has released a new ESC. The Hacktonic ESC is available for Touring, Drifting, or Crawling. Each model is specifically setup via the internal programming for the intended use. They are also available as combos, with a 21.5T, 7.5T, or 5.5T 540 motor. The ESC is a 120a brushless speed control capable of 1s […]

Tamiya XV-01 Pro Rally Car Review

So last month you saw us build up the Tamiya XV-01 Pro Chassis kit from Tamiya. Now that we’ve had some time to play with it, I think it’s time to share our thoughts. For those that don’t know, the XV-01 platform is one that is new for this kit, and they have a Truck […]

Tamiya XV-01 Pro Chassis Build Up w/ Impreza WRX STI body

This is a PRO-spec version of the Tamiya 4WD XV-01 chassis. “XV” stands for “Crossover Vehicle”. As the name implies this vehicle is intended to serve as a common all-terrain platform which can be used for rally cars, on-road cars, and pick-up trucks. It is equipped with covers to protect the drivetrain and R/C units […]

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