2012 Dirt Nationals Pull Coverage

This is another pulling event put on by the Radio Controlled Pullers of Central New York club. If you’ve been following, these pulling events are located in Central Square, NY. We first went to check out this pulling scene at the Big Bird Pull last November. We thought it would be something fun to try and built up a Tamiya Mitsubishi Montero Wheelie (same chassis as Lunch Box and Midnight Pumpkin) for the Hanger Pull back in January. We did well with it and finished 2nd! During the last pulling event, we found out about this one, The Dirt Nationals. This is usually one of their bigger events of the year. We knew we had to mark it on out calendar!

Well, since the Hanger Pull, I shelved the Montero and ran that again this event in 2wd Box Stock class. We also officially revamped our RJ Speed Digger into “Project Puller“. We ran the Digger last event too, using borrowed parts and Kris Button (Official RC Soup Digger driver) took 3rd place with it. We added some cool stuff from Pro-Match Racing, Tamiya, and Windtunnel Racing to get it officially up to RC Soup standards. I also picked up a used Garden Tractor online from Matt Stoltz. Since each pull takes all of 4 seconds, and there are so many other classes, I figured it would be a good idea for me to have a second entry to help eat up some of the down time. Glad I did.

The Dirt Nationals pull differs from the last 2, in that it is a two day event rather than just one. The first 2 qualifying rounds are run on Saturday, and the 3rd round and Pull Offs are on Sunday. It is also catered, meaning they have an AWESOME lunch menu for you to enjoy at a reasonable cost. Normally people bring a dish to pass for lunch. Either way works for us, as you can always count on some good food at these events.

The turnout was a bit low, due to various reasons (health, injury, work, etc) several regulars sent their regrets that they couldn’t make it. Between everyone though there was probably still 50 or so entries across all classes. It was still a great time, and most classes had enough competition to make things exciting.

Joe Killian of the infamous JoeShow was there to join us in the pulling action. Joe is always entertaining, and has a wealth of pulling knowledge that he’s more than willing to share. Catch an interview with Joe in our new “Meet the Pullers” segment coming soon.

Onto the results I guess, I’ll only be documenting our “Team’s” results, as I did not get a full listing for the other classes before I left. I will try to do that for the next one though.


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  1. Jim Guinta says:

    Kevin and Kris, once again you’ve done an outstanding job on the coverage of our events. Thank you. Now I have to go and work on my Diggers to try and keep up with the RC SOUP Digger. Awsome job guys thanks.

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