Tekno SCT410 4×4 Short Course Build Up

Following the conclusion of the carpet indoor season at CRC Raceway in Rome, NY I started thinking of what classes I would run for the summer. I knew I would continue 2wd Short Course, but I needed another. I have always ran two. I toyed with returning to 1/8 nitro buggy after running it for 6 years. Kevin let me run his T-RCE converted Slash 4×4. I still liked the speed and look of the 4×4 Short Course trucks, but after running the Team Associated SC10 4×4 I wanted to run away from the class. Now don’t get me wrong. I bleed Team Associated blue, but I have to admit I was not impressed with the design. I many won races with it, but I felt like I was always fighting it.

Right when I was going to jump back into 1/8 nitro, Kevin said I should look at the new Tekno SCT410. I had seen advertisements and race results for the truck. It seemed like it was doing well and I did like their electric 1/8th buggy design. Tekno always has had innovative designs in my opinion. After reading many reviews and forums I decided to purchase the kit try it out.

For power and control I decided to use the electronics straight from my Team Associated SC10 4×4. This way I would get a perfect back-to-back comparison. I also liked the Savox servo and Hobbywing Motor and Speed Control combo. No sense changing what works.

When I first received the box in the mail I could not believe how small the box was. This is due to the lack of body, wheels, or tires included in the kit. Tekno has you provide those yourself – and why not, we all have different tastes/needs anyways.



Simple, but effective packaging.


Bags of Bags. Chassis and fluids are in their own bags.

Picture 004

The assembly booklet is top notch! Very clear pictures, exploded views, and simple steps. The kit included the outdrive shim addendum. The earlier kits had issues where the set screw would not catch the appropriate groove on the pinion shaft and it would come loose. The included shim takes up that space and locates the set screw perfectly.

Continue through the pages and follow along with our build.

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