SOUPer Bowl Shakedown 2014 Event Recap

RC Soup teamed up with Redneck R/C back in December to bring CNY racers the Stocking Stuffer Classic with success to the tune of 150 entries! It was meant to be a fun little trophy race just before the Holidays. After it turned out to be something so much more, we HAD to do it again, this time, BIGGER!

I’ve had a vision for a “Soup” themed race for a long time now, and Redneck RC afforded me the opportunity to host the SOUPer Bowl Shakedown. It was named after the sporting event the following day, but with a touch of SOUP flavor ;). It was to be the biggest and best thing that RC Soup has ever been a part of. With a record-shattering 210 entries for the day, I’d have to say we certainly had the interest! The next largest entry count Redneck (or the area in general) had seen for an indoor-offroad event was 134 @ the first annual Redneck Hillbilly Hoedown (2nd Annual is coming in March). This race has been a huge undertaking for Redneck crew and myself, and I believe that it showed. Huge thanks to the whole Redneck crew for busting butt and getting the track ready (Matt Kitts, Nate Reyes, Afro, Justin, and everyone else!).

The event was February 1st, 2014.

Below is the race flyer for the event. We had a lot going on, that’s for sure. Seminar Friday night w/ Paul Sinclair of X Factory and crew, as well as a boatload of racing, door prizes, and we did a special mini race (raising money for charity).


I’ll try to cover the event in order of how things happened so you can follow along as if you were there. Friday night (around 7:30PM) Paul Sinclair and the rest of the X Factory crew (Jim Edmonds, Chris Cristo, & Chazz Sinclair) held a free race clinic for anyone interested. They answered questions from the racers about anything R/C related. I feel like we didn’t even scratch the surface of Paul’s extensive knowledge. He did go over several key points and concepts from vehicle handling, driving lines, talking about how R/C is vastly different than it was when he started, and much much more.


Paul and Chazz Sinclair at the start of the race seminar


Paul answers questions from racers


We had a decent turnout for the clinic. A bunch of local racers gaining valuable r/c knowledge.


The empty seat was mine as I recorded the whole thing


Paul and all the guys were super helpful in answering any questions, not only during the seminar, but all weekend. They came out to have a good time and spend time with the club racers at Redneck, so were very open and approachable (not that they aren’t at big races, but they had less things distracting them that a big race might). Below is a YouTube Playlist of the entire seminar (recorded in 8 parts). You can watch each clip individually or just hit Play All and stream thru them. Beware the total length is well over an hour. It does have some good tips and insight from one of the leading engineers in r/c; the “Don” of the Mid-Motor Mafia; and inspiration to the mid-motor craze we’re seeing.

Paul’s rides were on display all weekend and you could check them out and ask any questions you liked.


Paul’s SCX – 60CF


Paul’s X – 6 Cubed

I only heard positive comments regarding the seminar, and we can’t thank Paul and crew enough for coming out and offering such a service for the event. It was a big bonus for the racers that were able to come out for it.

Fast forward to Saturday morning and we once again had Justin Kelly running controlled practice like he has at the last several Redneck events. He does a great job at keeping the line moving and getting cars on and off the track.

intro 01 controlled practice

Next we had the drivers meeting, giving everyone the scoop on driver etiquette, marshalling, and the rest of the normal things tracks go over.

intro 02

intro 03

Chazz Sinclair from X Factory even spoke a little to the attendees and gave guys the scoop on how the seminar went, and talk about X Factory sponsoring the 17.5 Stock Buggy class. X Factory was awarding an X – 6 Cubed Conversion Kit (Retail value $224.99) as a prize for the winner of the stock buggy class. They needed minimum of 21 entries in the class, and we were able to register 22 drivers! Not bad for a class that is never run at the track on a regular basis. Prize was to be awarded to the highest-finishing driver who is not sponsored by a chassis company. So, if the winner was a sponsored driver, the prize went to the second-place finisher, provided he is not sponsored. More on this later.

The video.


Here are the awards we had made for the event. MX Trophies once again KILLED it with some guidance on what we were looking for. We went with bigger sizes for 1st and 2nd this time. It was an added expense but they came out incredible!

intro 04

Contour cut, how sick are these?!

intro 05


As you can tell from the flyer above, we had a TON of support from the best companies in R/C. They include:

B-Fast RC Performance products
FastEddy Bearings
Castle Creations
Jim’s R/C
Fantom Racing
Pro-Line Racing
Servo City
Boca Bearings
Sweep Racing
Team Scream Racing
Robinson Racing Products
Viper RC
Canalside Racing Products
Twissted Wear
RC Soup
Troy Lee Design
One Industries

Thanks to all the sponsors for donating! Again, events like this just aren’t possible without everyone’s awesome support.

door prizes 01

Door prizes.

door prizes 02

HUGE thanks to Robinson Racing Products. Everyone was thrilled to receive gears for their rigs.

door prizes 03

door prizes 04

door prizes 05

We had a boat-load of gift certificates too from everyone in the white envelope.

door prizes 06

Twissted Wear t-shirts.

door prizes 07

We had shirts from everyone, even us (RCSoup)

door prizes 08

Bodies courtesy of Parma PSE and Jim’s RC.

door prizes 09

Everyone at the event got $10 to Fast Eddy Bearings as well as 10% off at Servo City, just for being at the event. Some quick shots of stuff being given away.



In addition to door prizes, Redneck RC also raffled off a brand new Associated SC10.2. Tickets were just $2 ea or 3 for $5. Rocky Warner won the truck. I think these types of raffles are great. Who wouldn’t try to win a truck for $2?


Ok, I’m going to move into some random race pics from throughout the day. These following are mostly of the pit areas and racers.










RC10’s in the house! Vintage racing is making a comeback!



I LOVE this Pro-Line EVO body on my SC10. Look for this truck upside-down in a marshall location near you.






Another RC10?!


Old vs. New.




Looks like a happy door prize winner. CowRC Micro Work Mats = Dialed.



+1 style point for number plates, -2 for zip tie


Can anyone name this buggy?


X Factory team chillaxing in the pits


There’s still a ton of room on the carpet track for more pits.










Now we have some track pics. This was a new layout a few weeks ago (different from the Stocking Stuffer layout). Props to the track crew, layout was pretty fun. We also got a ton of new sponsor banners hung for the event.





More random track shots.










Below are a few pics from our friends at RC Spec Ops who came out to cover the race. They will be uploading a lot more to their site this week. You can check them out at










We also held a mini event at the SOUPer Bowl Shakedown.  It’s called the Half-Time Dash.. a bracket race. It was a lot like the Dash for CA$H we ran at the Stocking Stuffer, but with a few twists.


20 drivers entered.
$10 per driver.
$5/ea went to charity = $100 (this was for the Wounded Warriors Project)
$5/ea to overall winner = $100

There were 3 races.. 5 Minutes each.

First group of 10 drivers ran Race 1 at the Beginning of Round 1 (after drivers meeting)..
Second group of 10 ran at the Beginning of Round 2.
We took the top 3 from each (that’s where the bracket comes in).. and had a final showdown before the Mains. Six drivers, Winner take all.

All of these races were similar to the first Dash for Ca$h.

  • Any class vehicle being raced in normal classes during the SOUPer Bowl is eligible.
  • Track is run backwards.
  • Race 1 & Race 2 will have turn marshalls.
  • Race 3 (Final) you get 1 courtesy marshall, then it’s the 30 second rule from the Dash. (If you flip or get stuck after 1 courtesy marshall, you have 30 seconds to try to rectify your car using your radio (throttle/brake/steering, etc) or find a friend on the driver stand willing to try to bump your car with his)
  • Intentional bashing will get you DQ’d from any round at the race directors discretion.

Overall winner from Race 3 (Final) took home the trophy (built by Pat Danquer) and $100.

Race 1 video:


Race 2 video:


Race 3 / Finals video:


dash 01

Here’s the epic trophy that was built for the Half-Time Dash. Thanks so much Pat!

dash 02

Jarodd Goedel was the eventual winner with his Tekno SCT410.

dash 03

And here we have proof of the $100 donation to the great cause we chose for this event.


Below are the results from the SOUPer Bowl Shakedown. I feel I need to explain something that happened while running the mains that caused a little bit of a stir (rightfully) and disappointment. After race 4 of the mains, the computer glitched and showed “no racers in Race #5” and asked the race director to skip ahead. It skipped races with no way to return back to the race we were supposed to be running, and even then races were empty. It seemingly corrupted the database it was working off.

Calvin, the shop owner, and most experienced with the software Redneck was running was called away mid-raceday for a family emergency. The race directors and track crew did everything in their power to attempt to get the race back on track, including desperate phone calls with little success. They eventually tried to reshuffle the main listing, and that seemingly worked but dropped several racers. They manually added them back in and we had something to work with but it was getting really late at this point. We got 1-2 races in, and the software did the exact same thing. The track crew then decided we had no choice but to award trophies by qualifying order and declare those the official results for the event.

Needless to say, several changes will be in place before the next event, including a move to the much more reliable RC Scoring Pro software. Redneck is committed to making the very best racing experience. For those this computer failure effected, Redneck is willing to offer you a significant savings on the next trophy event. Other changes are being put into motion as well that should speed up the race day significantly to better handle a large crowd.

For the record, the following is retyped based off the printed sheets from the event. The computer lost the original heat setup, so I took home the printout.

Race #1 – Novice A Main

  1. Tanner Warner
  2. Derrick Mcgrew
  3. Mason Goedel
  4. Garrett Marshall
  5. Mitchell Kristoff
  6. Owen Kitts
  7. Megan Wruck
  8. Rayden Morris
  9. Sierra Mueller
  10. Olivia P

Race #2 – 2wd Buggy E Main

  1. Warren Canfield Jr
  2. Kyle Welker
  3. Ron Childs

Race #3 – 2wd SC Pro-Lite D Main

  1. Joe Brandstetter
  2. Calvin Hall

Race #4 – 4wd Buggy D Main

  1. Darrell Prouty
  2. Scott Brooks
  3. Matt Rush
  4. Rob Swan
  5. Jon Haggard

Race #5 – 2wd Buggy D Main

  1. Steven Urauhart
  2. Jeff Dayger
  3. Scott Brooks
  4. Isaac Wood Jr
  5. Matt Kuhlmann
  6. Brandon Pierce
  7. Jacob Mingle
  8. Vincent Reali
  9. Loandro Burrarazzi

Race #6 – 2wd SC Pro-Lite C Main

  1. Al Smith
  2. Brandon Pierce
  3. Mike Hoyt
  4. Bill John
  5. Martin Hubbard
  6. Micheal Figueroa
  7. Mike Osier
  8. Mike Sherbeck
  9. Domonick Granga

Race #7 – 4wd Buggy C Main

  1. Nick Cummo
  2. Jason King
  3. Keith Cardinale
  4. John Austin
  5. Steve Poppe
  6. Mike Hobbell
  7. Jacob Mingle
  8. Justin Robinson

Race #8 – 2wd Buggy C Main

  1. Rob Swan
  2. Steve Poppe
  3. Dylan Zacharias
  4. Joe Rice
  5. Eric Kirschner
  6. Kevin Crandall
  7. Jake Cooper
  8. Justin Smith
  9. Danny Mcgarrity

Race #9 – 2wd SC Pro C Main

  1. Kevin Crandall
  2. Warren Canfield Jr
  3. Jeremy Hausfelder
  4. Justin Robinson
  5. James Sisson

Race #10 – 4wd SC Pro-Lite C Main

  1. Ian Burke
  2. Jeff Moyer
  3. Chuck Herndon
  4. Derrick Mcgrew
  5. Darrell Prouty
  6. Martin Hubbard
  7. Mike Schrader

Race #11 – 17.5 Stock Buggy C Main

  1. Nick Cummo
  2. Matt Rush
  3. Kevin Crandall
  4. Calvin Hall

Race #12 – 2wd SC Pro B Main

  1. Nelson Quinones
  2. Jeff John
  3. Andrew Irlmeier
  4. Vincent Reali
  5. Danny Mcgarrity
  6. Jason King
  7. Erik Vorlkle
  8. Ron Childs
  9. Joe Rice

Race #13 – 2wd Buggy B Main

  1. Justin Williams
  2. Matt Morris
  3. Rob Stillwell
  4. Jinson Collins
  5. Jason Blum
  6. Bihn Quan
  7. Tyler Childs
  8. Jarodd Goedel
  9. David Preyer

Race #14 – 2wd SC Pro-Lite B Main

  1. Jake Cooper
  2. Brian Rosato
  3. Tim Osier Jr
  4. Jacob Mingle
  5. Jon Haggard
  6. Rocky Warner
  7. Matt Rush
  8. Zavien Rosato
  9. Adam Cooper

Race #15 – 4wd Buggy B Main

  1. Rob Stillwell
  2. Shawn Wright
  3. James Sisson
  4. Jeff John
  5. Eric Kirschner
  6. Combat Carl
  7. Rich Herholtz
  8. Tyler Childs
  9. Danny Mcgarrity

Race #16 – 4wd SC Pro-Lite B Main

  1. Justin Robinson
  2. Jon Haggard
  3. Bob Kitts
  4. Brian Rosato
  5. Jeff Davis
  6. Scott Meier
  7.  Brandon Pierce
  8. Ian Joyce
  9. Mike Hobbell

Race #17 – 4wd SC Pro B Main

  1. Anthony Scott
  2. Ken Ramsey
  3. Dylan Zacharias
  4. Keith Cardinale
  5. Ryan Fields
  6. James Sisson
  7. John Austin
  8. Ron Childs

Race #18 – Stadium Truck B Main

  1. Isaac Wood Jr
  2. Kyle Welker

Race #20 – 17.5 Stock Buggy B Main

  1. Tom Hargrave
  2. James Sisson
  3. Justin Jubert
  4. Reid Mcmichael
  5. Steve Poppe
  6. Jarodd Goedel
  7. Vincent Reali
  8. Shawn Wright
  9. Isaac Wood Jr

Race #21 – 2wd SC Pro-Lite A Main

  1. Jeff Moyer
  2. Shaun Sergott
  3. Justin Smith
  4. Jeff Davis
  5. Scott Brooks
  6. Matt Kuhlmann
  7. Jim Ferguson
  8. Anthony Granga
  9. Reid Mcmichael

Race #22 – 2wd SC Pro A Main

  1. Nate Reyes
  2. Jason Wruck
  3. Chris Cristo
  4. Geo
  5. Shawn Coyle
  6. Tom Hargrave
  7. David Preyer
  8. Tyler Childs
  9. Robb Fumire

Race #23 – 4wd SC Pro-Lite A Main

  1. Joe Jr
  2. Joe Sr
  3. Randy Kitts
  4. Shaun Sergott
  5. Reid Mcmichael
  6. Justin Smith
  7. Scott Brooks
  8. Eric Sigler
  9. Dale Allen

Race #24 – 4wd SC Pro A Main

  1. Afro Thunder
  2. Justin Kelly
  3. Jim Edmonds
  4. Jarodd Goedel
  5. Binh Quan
  6. Matt Kitts
  7. Danny Mcgarrity
  8. Tom Hargrave
  9. Shawn Coyle

Race #25 – Stadium Truck A Main

  1. Shawn Coyle
  2. David Preyer
  3. Justin Smith
  4. Dylan Zacharias
  5. Jeff John
  6. Scott Brooks
  7. Shawn Sergott
  8. Brian Rosato
  9. Vincent Reali

Race #26 -17.5 Stock Buggy A Main

  1. Combat Carl
  2. Rich Herholtz
  3. Jeff Dayger
  4. Matt Kitts
  5. Robb Fumire
  6. Scott Brooks
  7. Shawn Coyle
  8. Jeff John
  9. Nelson Quinones

Race #27 – 4wd Buggy A Main

  1. Afro Thunder
  2. Paul Sinclair
  3. Jim Edmonds
  4. Andy Starratt
  5. Luke Allen
  6. Brett Blum
  7. Jason Blum
  8. Dylan Zacharias
  9. Joe Jr

Race #28 – 2wd Buggy A Main

  1. Paul Sinclair
  2. Nate Reyes
  3. Jim Edmonds
  4. Jason Wruck
  5. Combat Carl
  6. Brett Blum
  7. Geo
  8. Chris Cristo
  9. Luke Allen



Novice A Main – Tanner Warner 1st, Derrick Mcgrew 2nd, Mason Goedel 3rd


2wd SC Pro B Main – Nelson Quinones 1st


4wd Buggy B Main – Rob Stillwell 1st


4wd SC Pro B Main – Anthony Scott 1st


2wd SC Pro-Lite A Main – Jeff Moyer 1st, Shaun Sergott 2nd, Justin Smith 3rd


4wd SC Pro-Lite A Main – Joe Jr 1st, Joe Sr 2nd


2wd SC Pro A Main – Nate Reyes 1st, Jason Wruck 2nd, Chris Cristo 3rd


4wd SC Pro A Main – Afro Thunder 1st, Justin Kelly 2nd, Jim Edmonds 3rd


Stadium Truck A Main – Shawn Coyle 1st, David Preyer 2nd, Justin Smith 3rd



4wd Buggy A Main – Afro Thunder 1st, Paul Sinclair 2nd, Jim Edmonds 3rd


2wd Buggy A Main – Paul Sinclair 1st, Nate Reyes 2nd, Jim Edmonds 3rd

Finally we have the Stock 17.5 2wd Buggy class. This was a hotly contested class because X Factory put that X-6 Cubed conversion on the line for the winner if we had over 21 entries. Well we did meet the minimum, so the buggy was awarded to the winner (who was not sponsored). Carl Engelmann aka “Combat Carl” took the class by storm with his TQ run (and eventual win by default).


17.5 Stock Buggy A Main – Combat Carl 1st, Rich Herholtz 2nd (Paul Sinclair photobombs his X-6 Cubed)



Here Paul Sinclair awards Carl with a certificate for the X-6 Cubed conversion

Finally at the end of the night, despite the computer screwing up all the mains, Chazz Sinclair asked us to run a mock Buggy A Main. We used the results from qualifying for the awards, but the race crew were able to re-input the A Main drivers into a new race program and run what would have been the A-Main lineup. Even that took a bit of time, so by the time this was run, it was really getting late. Not many got a chance to see these guys put on one heck of a run, with Chazz on the mic. It was awesome to watch. The video is below.


All in all, I would call the race a success. We had an AMAZING turnout with drivers from multiple states coming out. Uncontrollable circumstances plagued the mains which is unfortunate but as I mentioned, Redneck is stepping up and taking action. This being only their 2nd trophy event at the new location, it’s all lessons to build on. Racing will be better and better with every event, and Redneck RC will certainly become one of the premier tracks to race at in the Northeast.

I hope everyone who came out had a great time. Look for details on the next event coming soon. I can tell you that it’s the 2nd Annual Hillbilly Hoedown on March 15th, 2014. Mark it on your calendar or visit the event page on Facebook.

Redneck R/C is located at
68 Smokey Hollow Rd.
Baldwinsville, NY 13027

You can call them at 315-635-1389

Find the Redneck Group on Facebook.

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2 Responses to “SOUPer Bowl Shakedown 2014 Event Recap”

  1. XFactoryRC says:

    We had a wonderful time at the SouperBowl Shakedown. We go to lots of “big” races all over, and many involve pressure and hard work. This one was totally fun! For that we thank the great crew at Redneck R/C as well as the RCSoup guys.

    We had a great time Friday night, hope we helped a few people. The seminar was pure fun for us. The set-up was wonderful. We want to do more of these at tracks all over. Talking at length about stuff we care about is the best.

    Saturday was a good fun race; good competition with great people. Our thanks to both the organizers and racers. This is what it’s all about, having fun with good people.

    The good folks at Redneck RC and RCSoup have asked us to return next year, and we will work hard to arrange the schedule so we can attend.

    Thanks again to all!

  2. […] After 3 bigger events on this truck with the new body, I feel I’ve gotten a feel for it. I ran it at Redneck’s Stocking Stuffer Classic, Full Throttle’s Off-Road Freeze, and our SOUPer Bowl Shakedown @ Redneck. […]

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