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Make That RTR Last

Here is an article from our friend Tyler up in Connecticut. He has some really good tips for making your new RTR last for a long time. Ready-to-run vehicles are a mixed blessing for the world of RC. A lot of folks are intimidated by the thought of building their first remote control car, so […]

ARRMA RC vehicles now RTR out of the box!

ARRMA is excited to announce that all vehicles now includes what you need – a 110V AC wall charger, 7.2V 1500 mAh Nimh and (8) AA Alkaline batteries – making them completely Ready-To-Run right out of the box! The ARRMA line offers a selection of vehicles with advanced features, unique designs and parts compatibility.  Each […]

ARRMA ADX-10 2wd Off-Road Race Buggy Review

ARRMA RC was founded in 2009 with a goal of bringing out cool and interesting models, aimed at bringing new folks to the hobby by offering great products at an attractive price.  Earlier this year, ARRMA was acquired by Hobbico, which greatly spread the company’s reach and is now carried at most local hobby shops. […]

The 1/8 Scale Duratrax 835B Buggy .27 2.4GHz RTR

Checkout this release from Duratrax. This is a buggy that’s sure to get some attention. There are a lot of tough buggies, but only one that’s guaranteed tough — and that’s the new 1/8 scale Duratrax 835B. It’s loaded with Stress-Tech™ parts, and every one of them is protected by a 1-year replacement guarantee. If […]

Losi Mini Sprint – $69.99 Today only @ RC Planet has just announced their Deal of the Day, where they feature a product at a good price. Tomorrow, it presumably goes back to normal price. Normally, we wouldn’t feel the need to share this with you, our intrepid readers. But in this case, the deal is so good it can’t be ignored. The Deal […]

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