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PROTOform Anti-Tuck Body Stiffeners

We’ve all been there before. Hours of preparation, countless practice laps, flawless qualifying runs and at last you’ve reached the moment of truth: the finals. In an instant, a simple tap or swipe across the rear bumper from a fellow racer ends your podium hopes. The dreaded body tuck. PROTOform has developed Anti-Tuck Body Stiffeners […]

Serpent 1/8 buggy E-Avenger bodies: semi and prepainted

Serpent has released the semi and prepainted Cobra buggy E-Avenger bodies in 1/8 scale. In the semi painted one, you just add one color of your own choice. The bodies have clear cutting lines, for best fitting. 170317 Body 1/8 buggy E-Avenger semipainted 170318 Body 1/8 buggy E-Avenger orange 170319 Body 1/8 buggy E-Avenger red […]

Make That RTR Last

Here is an article from our friend Tyler up in Connecticut. He has some really good tips for making your new RTR last for a long time. Ready-to-run vehicles are a mixed blessing for the world of RC. A lot of folks are intimidated by the thought of building their first remote control car, so […]

Installing Pro-Line SC10 Body Mount Kit and EVO SC Body

So after 2 years of running nothing but the stock body on my Team Associated SC10, I figured it was time to try one of the newest designs out there. The Pro-Line EVO SC body not only is stylish, but functional. It has a TON of ventilation holes that can be cutout to remove the […]

ProLine Tease – Camaro body for the Traxxas 1/16th Rally car

ProLine leaked this picture out today. Absolutely no details were released, other than to say that it was for the 1/16th Rally Car. I can’t think of any other 1/16 scale Rally cars other than the Traxxas. Looks pretty cool. You can see this badboy live at the RCX show, as well as the NRHSA […]

JConcepts Hi Flow Body – Review

As you saw in the Install post, I picked up the JConcepts Hi Flow SCT body for my Losi XXX-SCT. In the original post, I detailed how to cut out the various relief holes and mount the body to your truck. RC Soup went to Motorama in Harrisburg, PA, this past weekend. This was my […]

Method RC Announces Sabre Buggy Body

Method RC has released another installment in its bid to show that performance and good looks can come in the same package. The Sabre Clear Body (MTH1002) fits the TLR Losi 8IGHT, 8IGHT 2.0, and 8IGHT-E 2.0. The jet fighter appearance of the Sabre buggy body is no accident. From the integrated turning vanes at […]

JConcepts 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 – Hi-Flow body

JConcepts has revealed what was behind their mystery photo from last month. We all knew what it was, but finally we have official confirmation. JConcepts announces the 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 SCT. This is an officially licensed version of their Illuzion Hi Flow short course body. The body is designed to be a direct fit […]

New Releases from Team Associated – Slick Mist and an iPhone app

SC10 Slick Mist Body Team Associated has released a replica body of Robby Woods’ Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series truck. This is a fully painted and detailed stock SC10 shell. You can grab this body for your SC10, SC10RS, or SC10 4×4 today. However, if you prefer to paint your own bodies, or you […]

JConcepts Super Secret Mystery Photo

JConcepts has been spreading this picture around. It is presumably of a new body they will be releasing soon. I don’t know about you, but either the body will be wearing a tuxedo, or it is an officially licensed body from the boys that encourage you to see the USA in your…well you know the […]

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