Team RCE Slash 4×4 Stage II upgrades

Ah, the T-RCE slash from the Slash 4×4 LCG Shootout. With stock shocks and electronics, this chassis was a bit of a let down. I had high hopes for it. The build below is my Stage II upgrades in my bid to build the Ultimate Race Slash 4×4. I’ll tell you up front that the shocks were a HUGE noticeable difference after running it in this configuration. The chassis was def. designed to be run with better-than-Traxxas shocks.

Let’s get started.. as you know from Matt’s SSC updates, we are all going in different directions with the modifications of these Slash 4×4’s. There won’t be another head to head competition due to time restraints and scheduling conflicts, but we will report after each Stage upgrade on how the changes affected our performance. I’ll also warn that my Stage upgrades are considerably more severe than perhaps the other 2, mainly because T-RCE makes so many option parts for this truck, and I have to see what all these sweet things do!

My Stage 2 parts:

  • Castle Mamba Max Pro ESC
  • Castle Creations 1410 3800kv 4 pole motor
  • Savox 1258TG Servo
  • Racer’s Edge Servo Horn
  • Atomik Glitch Buster
  • New Spektrum SR3000 receiver (not an upgrade, but the new one is cleaner :))
  • T-RCE Magnesium arms (front/rear)
  • T-RCE Magnesium shock towers (front/rear)
  • Associated SC10 4×4 Factory Team Shocks
  • Associated SC10 4×4 Spring Kits (front/rear)

As you can see.. that’s a TON of stuff to do at once. Good thing I have our Revolve RC Stand handy. During this whole thing I didn’t have to remove the truck from the stand once. Please excuse the dirty truck, this was fresh off of the Shootout.

Below are all my parts laid out.

Close up of the T-RCE suspension arms. These are a direct replacement for the stock arms. Their benefits are they are stiffer and will hold a setup better, they won’t break, and they have more adjustment holes than the stock arms for more tuning options.

Here’s the T-RCE front and rear magnesium shock towers. These are the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. SOOO much adjustability.

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2 Responses to “Team RCE Slash 4×4 Stage II upgrades”

  1. Wayne Nagata says:

    Great write up and details on your upgrades. this is usually how it goes, with untested components failing. I look forward toward you next update.

    I to have a Slass 4×4 and have gone with the SSC LCG conversion chassis and rear arms. I have also upgraded the shocks to Kyosho SC shocks and the Castle MM Pro and 1410 motor. Its pretty close, still need to upgrade the uprights and hubs and the shock towers. Ive also had those days with electonice bugs and parts failures. I stopped about 3 months ago. but I may dust it off and start working on it for this fall.

    So far it feels as though the 1410 doesn’t have the power to complete triples, but it could be my set up, I am new at this; )

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