Pro-Line Racing Pro-2 2wd Short Course Truck Build-up

Pro-Line Racing has been making parts for the RC industry for 30+ years. In all that time, they never manufactured a full kit. Until now. This is their first- The Pro-2 2wd Short Course Truck. DSCF3028

It is a 1/10th scale, 2wd Short Course Truck. It comes with just about everything you need to build it. It comes with the Pro-Line Flotek body.


The base of the vehicle is a 3mm thick Hard Anodized 7075-T6 Aluminum Chassis. This chassis keeps everything low, and will help with durability.


The Pro-2 also comes with M3 Blockade tires, mounted on F-11 wheels.


Not too many bags with this one, it shouldn’t be too long. The transmission is preassembled. The shocks are also pre-assembled but you do need to fill them oil. Also most of the chassis comes put together for you.


The included instructions are concise, and include 1:1 scale pictures of the screws needed in the various steps.


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