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RC Soup Holiday Gift Guide: Bashing

While the racing segment of RC gets a lot of attention, the single largest segment of RC is the bashers. These are the folks that hang out at the local school yard, construction sites, or just fool around in their backyard. Bashers account for over 80% of all RC sales, yet you hardly ever hear […]

RC Soup Holiday Gift Guide: Scalers/Crawlers

Scalers and Crawlers aren’t exactly the same thing, but they are close. A Scaler is generally a slow moving 4wd truck that is designed to look like a full size vehicle. You can go as crazy as you want with the details. People often use action figures as drivers, have scale camping gear on their […]

Losi TEN Rally-X RTR: 1/10 4WD Rally Ready-to-Run

The Losi® TEN Rally-X takes the proven TEN-SCTE platform to the streets with unprecedented driving characteristics. Armed with new AVC™ (Active Vehicle Control™) technology, the Ten Rally-X utilizes intuitive sensors to adjust steering and throttle output at a rate faster than humanly possible, this provides a stable and controlled driving experience where drifts are more […]

Exotek Steering Rack Conversion for Losi 22/T/SCT

There is no shortage of hopup parts for Losi’s 22 series of vehicles, some of them are for bling (do people still use that word?) others for function. Exotek’s Steering Rack Conversion kit covers both. I had noticed that the steering rack in my 22SCT had become quite sloppy over this summer racing season so […]

AVID TLR 22 Slotted Battery Bulkhead

The AV1022 TLR 22 Slotted Battery Bulkhead is a must-have for the serious Losi racer. The slotted design allows you to run never before available battery locations which can help the car in all conditions. For racers running the shorty pack, you can move the battery forward an additional +15mm versus a fixed position of […]

MIP BYPASS1™ Team Tuned Kit for TLR SCTe 2.0

It’s long been known that suspension is critical for a vehicle’s handling on a track, but the internals of these shocks are often accepted blindly and stuck in old technology. Based on Full-Scale Valve Technology, this innovative MIP Bypass1™ Team Tuned Kit was designed and developed by the MIP racing and engineering team. The kit will […]

Losi XXX-SCT is Back and Better than ever

The popular XXX-SCT is now available as a brushless, waterproof model. What does this mean for drivers? More power, more speed, longer motor life, and less maintenance. The XXX-SCT comes in 2WD with a ROAR legal short course composite chassis with aluminum, threaded oil-filled shocks, a LiPo battery and charger as well as a LiPo-compatible […]

MIP products for Twin Hammers, SCTe/MIP Pro4mance, & New Aluminum Race Duty for Traxxas

MIP unveiled several NEW products displayed in Las Vegas at the NRHSA Tabletop Expo 2013!  Brand New MIP for Vaterra Twin Hammers, New Springs for TLR SCTe, & New Aluminum Race Line Options for Traxxas! MIP X-Duty CVD™ Spline Drive Kit, Rear, Vaterra Twin Hammers #13240 Horizon Hobby’s all new line of Vaterra Products has […]

AKA Victorious at Cactus Classic!

Here’s a race report from AKA from the Cactus Classic this past weekend. The 27th annual Cactus Classic held at SRS Raceway in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona went off without a hitch on the sugar coated track. Traction was high, the pits were well packed and AKA tires were hooked up. The AKA team was going […]

Losi announces TEN-SCTE 2.0 Kit

The TEN-SCTE platform is one of the most successful 4WD electric short course chassis of all time. It has dominated its class at tracks all over the world and proven it has what it takes to win a ROAR National Championship. The TEN-SCTE 2.0 kit builds on the success of this racing juggernaut with innovative […]

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