High Voltage Monster Truck Championships Coverage


Here are the awards and raffle winners. There were several raffles held at the event. They raffled off a HPI Savage, as well as an autographed Tom Meents Maximum Destruction Stampede.



For racing awards, they gave out plaques to podium finishers as well as Top Qualifiers. They also gave out the Parma Show & Shine awards at the same time. All entries to the event were given a blue raffle ticket, which were picked out for a TON of door prizes that the amazing sponsors donated.

Tim Powers with his TQ award.

Mike Eckenrode with his MANY TQ awards.

Bari is no slouch on the small track either! As some of you may know, he drives the full size Spider-Man truck on the full size Monster Jam circuit!

TQ’s with their rigs!

Chad Buckland took 1st and 2nd place in the 110 entry Clodapalooza class. This guy is super fast on the track!

Joe Chuhak with the 3rd place truck. Congrats again Joe!

Random door prize pics. They had so much stuff, almost everyone walked away with something. It was awesome. Who doesn’t like door prizes?!





















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5 Responses to “High Voltage Monster Truck Championships Coverage”

  1. Kingclod27 says:

    wow that looked awesome Kevin thanks for sharing…I take credit for the Black Stallion retro truck lol..I was the first to suggest that on rcmt.net lol…Looks like everyone had a great time tho…hope they decide to do it again next year

    • Kevin says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! I almost think I saw that truck in person growing up. Surprised nobody else there had one.

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