High Voltage Monster Truck Championships Coverage

Here are some shots of the pits, and everyone’s work space. We were in and out of the racing action all weekend. We each only had one truck, and that makes for a TON of down time when you have 150+ race entries and only run 2 trucks at a time. So, these pics are kind of a random assortment throughout the time at the event.


Fully stocked pits.



Dark Cow again! Another ZRP Diablo chassis’d rig.

Nick McCoy sorting his rigs.


My daughter would LOVE this truck.


Stampede race action.

Who’s that? Wait, is that Horizon’s Gary Katzer?? You bet!! We let him pilot the mod Clod Wolverine truck around the demo track.





We also let Pro-Line’s Gerardo Gonzales drive the rig around! I’d say they both had a lot of fun driving this awesome ZRP Diablo. We met both these guys at the Short Course Nationals earlier this year. Pleasure seeing you both again!

This truck is brushless powered, with a Futaba 4PL radio, Savox servo, and more.. It’s worth over $1,400! It can be yours, (like the Black Stallion), by helping some kids.




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5 Responses to “High Voltage Monster Truck Championships Coverage”

  1. Kingclod27 says:

    wow that looked awesome Kevin thanks for sharing…I take credit for the Black Stallion retro truck lol..I was the first to suggest that on rcmt.net lol…Looks like everyone had a great time tho…hope they decide to do it again next year

    • Kevin says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! I almost think I saw that truck in person growing up. Surprised nobody else there had one.

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