High Voltage Monster Truck Championships Coverage

They also gave out other unique awards like “Best use of Clodbuster Axles”, “Livewire Award”, etc.

Here are the full results. For Qualifying results, they are posted over on RCMT.

Class Podiums:

Ground Pounder vs. Wheely King

1. Bari Musawwir – Maximum Destruction Wheely King (Tweaked Racing Team)
2. Charlie Buckland – Monster Mutt Wheely King
3. Bari Musawwir – Time Flys (Tweaked Racing Team)

Retro Challenge

1. Tim Powers Bigfoot 6 (Tweaked Racing Team)
2. Dan Wyatt Excaliber (Tweaked Racing Team)
3. Dan Wyatt Skoal Bandit (Tweaked Racing Team)

TXT-1 vs Twin Force / Mad Force

1. Mike Eckenrode – Valiant (Tweaked Racing Team)
2. Mike Eckenrode – Fighting Falcon (Tweaked Racing Team)
3. Tad Goad No Problem (Tweaked Racing Team)

Traxxas Monster Jam Shootout

1. Jose Carattini – Monster Mutt Chiwawa (Puerto Rican Crusher)
2. Mike Eaton – Grave Digger (Team Cow RC)
3. Tom Dixon – Grave Digger (No Limit RC)

Clodapalooza Class

1. Chad Buckland – Juice (Team Juice)
2. Chad Buckland – Taurus (Team Juice)
3. Joe Chuhak – Chillin Villian (Michigan Monsters of RC / Team Cow RC)

Parma Show and Shine Winners

Best Traxxas Monster Jam Replica – Eric Krush – Little Miss Dangerous High Maintenance
Best Ground Pounder vs Wheely King – Bari Musawwir – Time Flys
Best Retro Challenge Truck – Jamie Grund – Hercules
Best Twin Force vs TXT-1 – Robbie Bunting – Summit Bigfoot
Best Clodapalooza Clobuster – Morris Aschkenas – The Proector
Shocker Award – Jamie Grund – Captain America
Live Wire Award – Ralf Hubbers – Predator all the way from the Netherlands

Tamiya Awards

Best Use of Clod Buster body – Jamie Grund – Master of Disaster
Best use of Clodbuster Axles – Joe Chuhak – Chillian Villian
Best of show Clodbuster – Mike Eaton – Spiderman

Gas Guzzy Awards

Best Retro – Jamie Grund – Hercules


Full Racing Bracket Results

Clodapalooza Class http://www.allprosoftware.net/Clodap…/1/aptswb1.htm

Wheely King vs. Ground Pounder http://www.allprosoftware.net/Wheely…/aptschart.htm

Traxxas Monster Jam Shootout http://www.allprosoftware.net/GPvsWK/1/aptschart.htm

TXT-1 vs. Mad Force /Twin force http://www.allprosoftware.net/txt1vsmf/1/aptschart.htm

Retro Challenge http://www.allprosoftware.net/retro/1/aptschart.htm




Mo – the Show & Shine Champ for Clodapalooza class!

Eric Krush took home the Show & Shine Win in Traxxas Replica class.




Ralf Hubbers takes the Live Wire award. He traveled from The Netherlands to be here!!

Jamie Grund takes home the Shocker award.

Charlie Buckland takes 2nd in the Ground Pounder vs. WheelyKing class.


Tim Powers takes 1st in the Retro Challenge Class.

Tad Goad takes 3rd in Kyosho Twin Force vs Tamiya TXT-1 Class.

Mike Eckenrode takes 2nd in Kyosho Twin Force vs Tamiya TXT-1 Class.

Mike Eckenrode also takes 1st in Kyosho Twin Force vs Tamiya TXT-1 Class.

Mike Eaton takes 2nd in Stampede class.


Joe takes 3rd in Clodapalooza class.

Chad really brought home the hardware. Now he can build another Clod and whoop on everyone even more.

Team Soup!

For those wondering how we actually did at the event… we did ok, but nowhere near winning. These guys have a TON of experience with these trucks and style of racing. Matt and I have never raced a Clod in our lives.

I DQ’d my first qualifier by red lighting (took off too early), the 2nd qualifier (one per lane), I took my time making sure not to DQ. I ended up qualifying mid pack, 69th. In the first round bracket I DQ’d by overcompensating a steering mistake and crossed the center line. Rookie mistake. I wish we could have had some track time before the event started.. seeing we’ve never driven a clod on carpet, or a track.. ever.. but oh well.

Matt qualified an impressive 9th place out of 24 entries in the Retro class. This automatically placed him in the 2nd round of brackets. He then won his first round, moving on to round 3. He lost that round to Tim Powers, who ended up winning the whole class. Matt had a great run in the Tekin/Spektrum/Pro-Match/Savox powered Black Stallion Clod!

Overall, we had a very fun weekend. I met lots of online friends I’ve talked to for years. We both got to check out the Clodbuster racing scene. We got to meet Joe, our newest writer. I think the event was a great success. There is talk about doing another one next year. Seeing as how our Clods for this competition will be gone after the Benefit concludes, I’m not sure that we will be back.. but who knows.. there’s plenty of time to build another Monster Truck for this.

I want to thank everyone that helped us build these trucks for this event (and for the CMN Benefit). We could not have made it here without you.

Tamiya USA
Zyck Racing Products
Pro-Line Racing
Team Associated
Team Fast Eddy
Michigan Monsters of RC Club
Slipstream Graphics
Crawford Performance Engineering
AJS Machine
Pro-Match Racing
Eric Krush

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  1. Kingclod27 says:

    wow that looked awesome Kevin thanks for sharing…I take credit for the Black Stallion retro truck lol..I was the first to suggest that on rcmt.net lol…Looks like everyone had a great time tho…hope they decide to do it again next year

    • Kevin says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! I almost think I saw that truck in person growing up. Surprised nobody else there had one.

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