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Axial SCX10 – Making Custom Suspension Links

The ready-to-run Axial SCX10’s come with plastic suspension links. They are fine for a while, but inevitably you will find that they are too flexible. There are a few options here. You can buy Axial upgrades, which are aluminum links. You can buy any number of aftermarket replacements, ranging from aluminum to titanium, or you […]

Reducing Your Drivetrain’s Rotating Weight with Robinson Racing Products Gears

This review is meant to help people that are running spec classes like 13.5 and 17.5 as well as 21.5 turn brushless motors, but this also can help other classes too. This review can be used for any class of cars you race, but this certainly can help 17.5 or 13.5  spec offroad classes as well as […]

Creating Your Own Vinyl Numbers and Graphics on Web Site

Let me start off with this…… Have you ever gone to the track and seen all those cars with cool looking numbers and sponsors on them? When you go to the parts counter and buy parts, all you see are those generic looking numbers and you just wonder where those other guys get their numbers […]

How to Deck an RC Dirt Oval Late Model Body

Here is a step by step process to put decking in a dirt oval late model body. I start out with one piece of RJ speed lexan. It almost fits inside a 1/8th scale body,  it all depends how you want  the decking to look. It really is up to you. I prefer the drop […]

Axial Ram Power Wagon – First Run

The newest SCX10 out of the camp at Axial Racing is the Ram Power Wagon. We did a quick unboxing last week. We went to Lake Park in Lutz Florida to explore some trails, and see if there was some good crawling spots in there. I had never been down the trails at Lake Park, […]

Jconcepts Stampede 4×4 lowered body posts

Ahhhh, The Traxxas Stampede 4×4. What a basher this rig is. It is fast, handles well and is just a blast to drive. There are a few issues out of the box I don’t like and today we are going to fix one of them. Whats wrong? Look how high that body sits! The stock […]

Pro-Line Racing Pro Spec Shock Spring Guide

Make the most of your new Pro-Spec Shocks by taking advantage of the various springs that are available. The springs range from Super Soft to Super Hard Pro-Line now has a handy Spring Rate Guide to help you make your choice and tune the shocks specifically to your needs. Download PDF Version of the Pro-Spec Spring Rate Guide […]

Quick Tip – Outdrive Reinforcement

A few weeks back, we posted a video of our new drift car, and our first attempts at drifting. While filming the follow-up video, the Speed Power OTA-R31 spit a rear dog bone. This was about the time I was leaving Florida to travel to NY for the Intergalactic Electric Championships.  The drift car went […]

Make That RTR Last

Here is an article from our friend Tyler up in Connecticut. He has some really good tips for making your new RTR last for a long time. Ready-to-run vehicles are a mixed blessing for the world of RC. A lot of folks are intimidated by the thought of building their first remote control car, so […]

Track Day Essentials

Here is another article from our friend Tyler Prinzivalli up in Connecticut. Preparing well for a day of racing or bashing can be the difference between having a blast, or going home early. A few important pieces of hardware can make organizing, hauling, and dialing-in your rig much easier – without breaking the bank. Pit […]

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