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Creating Your Own Vinyl Numbers and Graphics on Web Site

Let me start off with this…… Have you ever gone to the track and seen all those cars with cool looking numbers and sponsors on them? When you go to the parts counter and buy parts, all you see are those generic looking numbers and you just wonder where those other guys get their numbers […]

Hobby Pro USA PRs1 V2 2wd Buggy Performance results

While this little buggy is built like a Sherman tank, it handles like a freshened pair of hockey skates. It’s nimble, light feeling, and very responsive to all of your adjustment’s inputs. I will try and explain the overall view of the buggies performance. I decided to participate in our season closer on our red […]

Speed Passion Reventon “R” Black with V4 8.5T Hands On

  Here is the newest 540 race tuned motors from Speed Passion. This motor sports a all new design from previous versions. New vents and laser etching are obviously cool!   Super lightweight end bell design, looks real trick and plays the part.  New solder posts are a 2 piece construction. You can either solder your […]

Axial Ram Power Wagon- Installing Scalerfab goodies

The Axial Ram Power Wagon’s bumpers are lexan, and are a part of the body. They offer no protection at all. That being said, I went looking for an upgrade. Scalerfab happens to have a full size version of this truck, so they were quick to pick up the 1/10 version, and also quick to […]

Review: The MIP Pucks™, 17.5 Drive System installed in a Team Associated SC10 Dirt Modified.

Let me begin by mentioning that this system is a lot lighter than any system I have tried in the past. You get the benefits of a ball diff and the super light weight drive system. Everything you need comes in one complete package, no more buying a few parts here or there. It comes […]

Hot Racing Car Stand Review

The Hot Racing CS3308 is the silver version of their multi-position, swiveling car stand with shock length gauge. (CS3306 is the blue version) I was struggling with my 8th scale in the pits until I got my hands on the Hot Racing car stand.  Fuel tubing car clamps hold the vehicle in securely without damage. […]

Axial SCX10 Ram Power Wagon Unboxing/First impressions

Axial just released the SCX10 Ram Power Wagon. For you Dodge lovers out there, this is the one you’ve been waiting for. I wanted to get some initial running on this truck tonight, but the skies opened up. The water didn’t bother me, but the lightning told me I better stay inside for tonight. In […]

Jconcepts Stampede 4×4 lowered body posts

Ahhhh, The Traxxas Stampede 4×4. What a basher this rig is. It is fast, handles well and is just a blast to drive. There are a few issues out of the box I don’t like and today we are going to fix one of them. Whats wrong? Look how high that body sits! The stock […]

High Velocity Racing 60C 4000 Mah Shorty 2S Battery Review

I found HVR (High Velocity Racing) on Facebook while looking for new shorty batteries to run in my 2wd buggies. I first picked one up in April to run in our B4.1, which is setup for the Mod class. I started with a 13.5T Novak motor, but have since dropped in the 8.5T Savox motor […]

Proline Racing Pro-2 – 2wd Short Course Truck Review

About two months ago, we picked up a Pro-Line Racing Pro-2 2wd short course truck kit. You can read through the build at this link. The truck comes about 40% complete, and in no time we were ready to hit the track. I took it to the track a couple of times to get it […]

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