Axial EXO Terra Buggy – Build up

On to hardware Bag D

In this bag we will deal with the motor mount. Axial sent along a spare motor mount just in case. There were issues early on with people over-tightening one of the screws on the motor mount. There is a blog post on Axial’s site, located HERE, that explains what you need to do.

Once again we match up bearings from the FastEddy package with those that come stock.

This is one of the out-drives for the center diff. It gets an O-ring to help prevent leakage.

Bearing for the outside of the differential

After inserting the out-drive, throw another O-ring on the inside.

Followed by a spider gear

and a C clip

Then we can install the smaller spider gears on the diff pin

Before inserting it into the slots in the differential

This is the spur gear, we started with the 52T, although the kit does come with a few options.

Another O-ring on the out-drive for the spur side of the diff

As well as a spider gear

Which is held in with a small C clip

This paper gasket is to stop leakage from the center diff

Axial included a bottle of 20,000 wt diff oil, which we’ll use in the center diff

And then mount the two halves together.

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5 Responses to “Axial EXO Terra Buggy – Build up”

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  2. Greywolf74 says:

    Looks like a pretty sweet set up there…I’ll be in on this raffle! 🙂

  3. GEHunter says:

    where will we find the raffle link,
    I am all about the kids where I win or not is not important but it would be nice.
    Nothing breaks my heart more than a Ill child!

    • Kevin says:

      We’ll be posting it in the next couple days hopefully. Ticket sales kick off at iHobby, and we’re “planning” for a simultaneous online launch.. we’ll see how it goes. Keep checking the site 🙂

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